Emotion Recognition and Integration Counselling

I am in-training with work in supporting emotional recognition and offer sessions to support healing past traumas or current sufferings.

Various paths of my training includes - Empath + Abundance training, Compassion Studies, Mindfullness,Archetypal Counselling and Core-Shamanic empowerment. I am working towards certification within Germany as a Naturopath in Psychotherapy / Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie which formally recognises this pathway.

Through my own journey I have learnt to use dreamwork and expressive arts to open a conversation with soul and the unconscious - this supports healing, greater self-knowledge, empowerment and alignment with a true life vocation or ‘the Higher Self’.

I offer counselling sessions and spiritual empowerment in a one-on-one session structure at 50 minutes a session [or longer if nessesary for core-shamanic work].

I work with:

Mellancholia, depression, burn out.
Fear-based-living, loss of connection.
Loss of identity, creativity, spirit.
Anger, emotional trauma, emotional neglect.
Codependancy, dependancies.
Helplessness, anxiety, panic.

My work technique includes a combination of:
Presence Therapy
Dreamwork as a portal to sub/unconsious (Jungian + Archetypal Analysis methods)
Empowerment - Shamanic states of conciousness (similar to Hypnosis) guided meditation, visualisations, this includes working with sound and drumming.
Expressive arts and painting.
Emotional trauma work: finding the positive root aspects and functions of negative emotion for self discovery.
I recognise CEN, Collective Mother Wounds, Collective Father Wounds and intergenerational trauma.

For an appointment please mail : mail [at] sarahmartinus.com.

An introductory session is nessesary to get aquainted and figure out if we see it fitting to work together on a longer term.

50 minute sessons with me are 60 Euro, [this is a training rate + private pay]. I can offer sliding scale prices - please get in contact with me about this.

My goal is to help you find your own tools - through greater self knowledge, acceptance, forgivness and spiritual empowerment - in order for you to know, manifest and actuallise your best and highest Power of Self.

Looking forward to our work togther,


My research and training pathway formalised towards aiming to offer healing to others in 2015:


- Core-Shamanic Practitioner-in-training, 2015 - Current
(Seminars: Basic, Divination, Dreamwork, Death and Dying in Shamanic Sight / Psychopomp Work)

- Psychotherapeutic Heilpraktiker/Naturopath-in-training, 2018 - Current

- Archetypal Research 2015 - 2020

- Mindfullness practise 2019 - 2020

- Family Dynamics, I am familiar with ACCA, CoDA and other 12 step programs. 2017 - 2020

- Collective Shadow work, Through Ritual, 2019 - Current

- Tonglen Meditation practise and compassion studies, (self guided) 2018 - Current

- Psychotherapeutic Heilpraktiker/Psychotherapy Naturopath-in-training, 2018 - Current

- Dreamwork and Intuitive Painting Workshops, (with a queer community focus - LGBTQ) Berlin 2017 - 2018

- Intuition Practitioner in-training, (Peer supported though the Fools Journey + Praxis Für Heilkunde) 2015 - Current

- Working with Kids + Teenagers: Applied creativity mentor, intergration and socialwork, with people in Asylum seeker and Refugee status, The Social Studio Melbourne + Berlin 2011 - 2012.

- Expressive Arts, self practice and collaborative live art. 2008 - Current

- B.A. Design, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. 2004 - 2008

Special thanks to my entire community of teachers - which is an endless list of human and non-human entities, peers/teachers Leonor Beuter with The Fools Journey, Roberta Perzolla at the Praxis Für Heilkunde, Mittelweg 50, Berlin and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe.