I work One on One with clients in both an energetic healing capacity and counsel capacity as a core-shamanic practitioner, offering an analytical-psycho-spiritual approach.

There are two different types of sessions I can offer:

- Counselling Sessions, [55 minutes] for dreamwork and compassionate self-analysis with a focus on witnessing trauma, and supporting deep healing.

- Ritual Shamanic Sessions, [2 hr] in working directly on energetic power within invisible feild.

All sessions are also possible online, if you are outside of Berlin.

[ As of June 2021 ]

Working with both presence and ritual in fluidity is an extremely powerful and supportive process.

My goal and passion is to help others find their own tools for constellation, expansion, interconnection and great inner power through self knowledge empowerment and acceptance.

 Please feel invited to click into the options below about my working style to see which resonates with you.

Looking forward to our work together,

in Courage and Spirit+++





“The tension of the future is unbearable in us. It must break through narrow cracks, it must force new ways....

There is only one way, and that is your way: there is only one salvation, and that is your salvation....

What is to come will be created in you and from you. Hence - look into yourself. Do not compare, do not measure.

No other way is like yours....

You must fulfil the way that is in you.”

~ C.G.J.


"My wound existed before me;

I was born to embody it."

~ Joë Bousquet



Times of great transformation and change ask us to live at the edge of our human capacity.

Deep grief, depressions or great periods of stress are asking to be lived out.

Walked onwards with, theses periods can be gently caressed into a feast for the soul ~ alchemised into creativity, in order to rebirth and evolve us.

In forging our own new pathways, we need others to walk with us.

Witnessing and walking together is what I offer in counselling sessions.


Working with dreams, experiencing presence, developing expression through art, and coming back into somatic experience, opens a conversation with the deepest aspects of our being - supporting an inquiry into the charges playing out their dramas in our unconscious.

My aim is to support you in discovering your deeper knowing and intimate relationship with inner worlds. An examined awareness, held with compassion, open curiosity and witnessed in conversation, leads to a process of integration, of our lost or dormant power.

I do this through adapting my process to suit you. What supports me is an expansive Shamanic and hollistic spiritual practice, philosophical, mythological and psychoanalytic framework and knowledge of psychological mechanisms, systems and behaiviour.

My first aim above all - is to listen.

My focus :

Broken Intuition, Creativity [losses of], Trauma [complex forms of], Trauma Bonding, Dysfunctional Family Systems and Ancestral Trauma, Emotional Neglect, Depression, Co-Dependancies, Addiction, Toxic Relationships, Loss of Meaning, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Panic, Burnout, Shadow-integration work.

I help people move out of what might be a limiting diagnosis. I can help see the potential rich area of our woundedness for a Soul’s mission.

What I can offer :

- Safe and open space.
- Non judgemental, non-pathologist perspective - an understanding that we are fluid beings, not fixed in one way or another, of being ‘defect’. Health is a process of balance.
- A thoroughly intersectional view on psyche - spiritual, symbolic/archetypal, personal and collective, I have sensitivity to the individual in complex network.
- Somatic movement and expressive art as a part of living out and integrating emotion.
- A deep understanding of transformative emotions as messengers in clarifying your power.

What is yours to come :

- New consciousness into your own patterns - thought patterns, somatic memories, inner child states and existential needs.
- Re-contextualisation of your story, re-ownership of your own story.
- With time dedication and care, you will have chances to get your power back.


The type of counselling I can offer does not cover persons in danger of loss of life, in extreme or emergency situations, psychosis, or provide sufficient support for people needing an emergency response.

For immediate care:

The Berlin Crisis Service provides fast and professional assistance for issues including psychosocial crises and acute mental and psychiatric emergencies Advice is free of charge, 365 days a year, around the clock and multi-lingual :



“Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us

that the body translates as need, or want, or absence.

So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.”

~ Malidoma Patrice Somé
Ritual: Power, Healing and Community



In shamanic understanding, health is seen as a process in acheiving a balancing of power.

There is no distinct binary placed upon health, but instead, a constant flow of attention given to maintaining health. Shamanic practitioners foster an inner garden of energy.

Shamanic Sessions with me are focused on all-round cleaning, integration and empowerment.

Ritual work integrates emotion, psyche and somatic experience within action.

It is a powerful way to make clear and follow through on intentions discussed in talk therapy, because it takes direct effect in the realm of mystery ~ within the un-manifested.

A spiritual practice has spiritual effect. The spiritual aspects of ourselves are in connection to the mind and the body.

On this pretence, Ritual work enacting upon the spiritual has an effect on the mind, body and emotion - all are in connection and, thus, inseparable from one another.

In a Shamanic Session, sensation ~ as raw power ~ is passed into our out of resonance fields.

My tools in making this work are drums, rattles, power objects, voice, action, alongside fire, water, earth and other natural elements for example: seeds, rocks or crystals.


- Power Transferral - Empowerment

- Cleaning and strengthening of energetic field [this helps when you are working on evolving your grid / in the middle of shadow work]

- Power Animal Retrieval, Power Animal Dance + Merging [Movement in session]

- Extraction of unnecessary or unwanted powers/entities [space clearing, cord cutting, shadow contract ‘hooks’ unhinging, assisted letting go, de-armouring]

- Power Art Object creation for self-expression or manifestation. [totemic power objects or abstract painting made in session are to take with you]

- Divination, Rock readings, Oracle Readings, Divination Walks, and Psychomagick Acts.

- Dreamworkings

A Shamanic Session might include all of the above if necessary, or aspects of...


40 minutes talk about your situation and defining intentions, 45 minutes ritual work, 30 mins to discuss symbols and integration. This is roughtly 2 hours.

[If you are coming in for regular ritual sessions, we can make a 1 hour ritual session and get straight into the work without too much talk, if you prefer.]

In occaisions you might already know exactly what you need to work on - if that is your case please let me know. Usually it is not up to us to know or choose which way we need to work, however. It will depend what comes in the session as to what is possible.

Ritual Sessions are held mostly in the afternoon-evening, in person [one on one], in Berlin Neukölln or online.

Hospital or home visits are possible in special cases.

Some session works may include repeat sessions - giving enough time to digest each step.


In ritual sessions, I am especially focused on working with Depth, Darkness, Yin Energy, Animal Power, Ancestors and the double sided nature of all things - [including the double sided nature of trauma].

Many people who work with spiritual methods describe themselves as “light workers”.

While I do always work for the purpose of the highest good of all involved, bring lightness into being and a light curiosity through the work, I do not see this as only ‘white light’ and would not classify myself a “light worker”.

I rather feel myself as a “shadow worker” who works more comfortably in the middle of dark and light. In a non-judgemental way, I see potential and richness mostly within the dark crevices of fault lines [ where we are split from ‘whole’ ].

In every session, I do my best to clean through these dark places, thoroughly, to make sure there is room for your personal ‘night wisdom’; all that comes with our YIN state, dreaming, emotions, receptivity, rejuvenation, and ease of protection.

I am inclined to get my hands dirty, and am comfortable trudging through metaphysical mud and fire in search of lost animal powers, and am extremely comfortable to  stomp my feet, bang the drum and dance away stuck or intrusive power in your grid. 

Dance, in this way, is a form of black-humoured protest.

This has developed as my way, simply because of what and how I perceive intuitively, the nature of my own ‘initiatory’ experiences, and how I have found my own way towards health through these.

I can comfortably say that no situation will scare, or will be judged by me. We can work with whatever is going on for you.

I see the shadow, as a huge healing space to greet our whole selves. A potential-rich area or portal, of our personal power.

It is within the darkness that we often feelwhat we are missing out on in our waking lives - aspects of ourselves which are needing our love and care the most.

I work this methodology through body scanning / energy field scanning, extracting toxic energies, and empowering your energetic boundaries.

Sound, rhythm and vibration play an extremely important role for me in session, to support you, to keep me in working capacity, and to clean and empower the entire room and moment.

I always work with a form of Sound Healing [like an Ecolocation], through drum, my voice, field recordings of water or nature, instrumental recordings of medicine bowls, gongs, bells and chimes during a ritual session.


All of us have unintegrated or dormant power. It invisibly seeps from our systems, gets trapped in our shadow/blindspots, from to [dis]connection to our emotion, creativity, or, simply due to the systems we live within.

We also have unintegrated power from ancestral lines, when consciousness reaches new levels of awareness and we suddenly have more access to different tools in different times - of course there are emotional traumas in each family line or karmic network, which can continue to affect us due to our open affinities, or a deeper level of collective power imbalances.

I find it very interesting where our power is locked, overlooked and where it is overloaded, and this is what a lot of my research has been in over the last years.

I really began to understand the concept of power as a feeling resonance within the body, when I myself felt the moves between disempowered to empowered states, or felt the change between reductive and expansive resonance realities.

Through my own experience of shifting between these states over and over again, I know, that working with energy and integrating the power of emotional consciousness within the body has a clear healing and hugely empowering benefit.



I am lucky to work alongside strong healers, who I can refer to within Berlin’s Nuekölln, in the case of noting my limits :

For Soul Retrieval work, and futher advanced core-shamanic work, I refer to my colleague Roberta Perzolla, at the Praxis Für Heilkunde, Weserstrasse.

For Shamanic Akashic records, Family Constellation and Tarot, I refer to my colleague Leonor Beuter at the Fools Journey Projekt.

Each clients personal story and private details remains 100% confidential and is not communicated on to anyone, nor are supervisors or reffered healers given any details on a client without me first asking explicit permission.





“What hurts you, blesses you.

Darkness is your candle.

Your boundaries are your quest.”

~ Rumi





Dreamwork aims to explore charged images and relationships a dream presents and evokes, opening space to reflect and watch our invisible dynamics, emotions and to learn our own spiritual languages. 

A dream has a variety of meanings [subjective, objective, spiritual, archetypical].

The work of a Dreamwork analyst is to not assume to judge, understand or control the dreamers language, but rather to receive dreams and ground them into an expanded and rich contextualisation of the dreamers new inner world. Through various processes of amplification and constellation, a dreamer will be able to distill their own informed meaning.

I have been using dreamwork in the practice of inner expressions - for art and healing - since 2015.

During this time thousands of dreams have been catalogued, meditated upon, relived, bought to life, buried, danced, painted, let go.


Shamanic perspectives of dreaming differs from a Jungian psychoanalytic perspectives through recognising the dreams are created by Spirit and not a product of the unconscious.
The dreamer is the only one who can verify if a dream has shamanic content.
Spirit comes into being upon being recognised as such - so Spirit is coemergent - it is different for everyone, but in my experience is a deeper or more sensorial experience than recognising symbol or archetype.

Here is an article defining some of the key points :

A Core Shamanic Theory of Dreams, Michael Harner
SHAMANISM ANNUAL Journal of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Issue 23, December 2010

My practice treats the different perspectives between symbol and spirit as fluid, and returns to the laws of coemergence as reflection fitting for each unique person.

Regardless from which lense we view our own experiences - we are a match to what or who we are meeting in our innerworlds and life situations. And upon this we begin enquiry.



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