“Ritual is called for because our soul communicates things to us

that the body translates as need, or want, or absence.

So we enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.”

~ Malidoma Patrice Somé
Ritual: Power, Healing and Community



In shamanic understanding, health is seen as a process in acheiving a balancing of power.

There is no distinct binary placed upon health, but instead, a constant flow of attention given to maintaining health. Shamanic practitioners foster an inner garden of energy.

Ritual work integrates emotion, psyche and somatic experience within action.

It is a powerful way to make clear and follow through on intentions discussed in talk therapy, because it takes direct effect in the realm of mystery ~ within the un-manifested.

A spiritual practice has spiritual effect. The spiritual aspects of ourselves are in connection to the mind and the body. On this pretence, Ritual work enacting upon the spiritual has an effect on the mind, body and emotion - all are in connection and, thus, inseparable from one another.

In a Shamanic Session, sensation ~ as raw power ~ is passed into our out of resonance fields.

My tools in making this work are drums, rattles, power objects, voice, action, alongside fire, water, earth and other natural elements for example: seeds, rocks or crystals.

The type of processes in a ritual session I can offer at this point in time are:

- Power Transferral + cleaning and strengthening of energetic field [this helps when you are working on evolving your grid / in the middle of shadow work]

- Power Animal Retrieval, Power Animal Dance + Merging

- Extraction of unnecessary or unwanted powers/entities [cord cutting, shadow contract ‘hooks’ unhinging, assisted letting go]

- Power Art Object creation for self-expression or manifestation. [totemic power objects or abstract painting made in session are to take with you]

Once a session is booked and the permission given from you, a divinatory journey will be made prior to our meeting for me to figure out the best way to work for you.

A Shamanic Session might include all of the above, if necessary, or only one aspect of.

In rare occaisions you might already know what you need to work on - if that is your case please let me know. Usually it is not up to us to know or choose which way we need to work, however. It will depend what comes in the session as to what is possible.

Ritual Sessions are held mostly in the evening, and in person [one on one], in Berlin Neukölln. 

Some session works may include repeat sessions - giving enough time to digest each step.


All of us have unintegrated or dormant power. It invisibly seeps from our systems, gets trapped in our shadow/blindspots, due to [dis]connection to our emotion, creativity, or, simply due to the systems we live within.

We also have unintegrated power from ancestral lines, due to consciousness reaching new levels of awareness and having more access to different tools in different times - of course there are emotional traumas in each family line which continue to affect us today due to held-in-place collective issues.

I find it very interesting where our power is locked, overlooked and where it is overloaded, and this is what a lot of my research has been in over the last years.



I am lucky to work alongside strong healers, who I can refer to within Berlin’s Nuekölln, in the case of noting my limits :

For Soul Retrieval work, and futher advanced shamanic work, I refer to my colleague Roberta Perzolla, at the Praxis Für Heilkunde, Weserstrasse.

For Shamanic Akashic records, Family Constellation and Tarot, I refer to my colleague Leonor Beuter at the Fools Journey Projekt.

Each clients personal story and private details remains 100% confidential and is not communicated on to anyone, nor are supervisors or reffered healers given any details on a client without me first asking explicit permission. 





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