My research and training pathway began pre birth but materialised as ‘formal’, in 2015.
I started practicing one on one with clients in my praxis under ‘in-training/supervision’ in 2020.
In 2022 I have developed my own way of working which keeps getting richer.

- 2024 - 2.5 CEUS Healing the Energetic-Emotional Rupture of Hyper-Empathy: The Impact of Relational Attachment Disturbance on Internal Boundary, Luisa Kolker.

- 2024 - Collective Infastructures, Mediations on Systemic Imballances in Creative Networks.

- 2023 - Systemic & Cultural Legacy Trauma Studies. Decolonialisation & Integration, Intersectionality, Flat Heirachical & Circle Cultures, Feminist, Humanist Praxis, Relational Poetics, Water Wisdom Studies, Somatics, Qi.

- 2022 - Guan Yin Specialisations, Lavender Flame, Invisible Ceremony, Waterbody Somatics [Fascia], Transformation Ritual Work, Current Initiations Dec 2022- Jan 23

- Active network member, Awareness Team female:pressure

- Active community member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (2015-2023), EU

- Circle Member of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, USA. (2020-2021)

- Core-Shamanic Practition Studies, Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, 2015 - Current
Basic Seminars 2015, 2016
Divination Seminar 2016
Dreamworks Seminar 2016
Psychopomp [Death and Dying] Seminar 2019
Power Extraction Seminar 2019
Soul Retrieval [Deep Trauma Healing] Seminar 2022

- Research Praxis 2021-22 - Taoist Shamanic Studies [Wu] + Inner Alchemy - Dance, Flow, Voice. Tao Hands.

- Research Praxis 2020-21 - Soul Trauma Psychoanalytic Studies, Trauma Attachment Bonds and Contemporary Shamanic Soul Retrieval Studies

- Research Praxis 2020 - Contemporary Shamanic Shadow Works, Protection, Detachment, Care of the Energetic Feild, Energetic Boundaries, Sensorial Bodywork

- Psycho-Spiritual Training into Non-Duality 2019 - Ongoing, Spiral-Tech/Djinn, Grid Work classes, Empathic Abilities Classes, Radical Female Empowerment and Transformation Mentorship Courses, Tantric, Vedic concepts of Self and Suffering

- Research Praxis 2018 - Tonglen Compassion Praxis, Qi Gong Practice, Somatic, Experience, Compassionate Enquiry

- Heilpraktiker Für Psychotherapie
Psychotherapeutic Naturopath-in-training, Christoph Mahr Institute Berlin, 2018 - Current

- Imagination Language, Intuitive Painting Workshops, Aether, Berlin 2018

- Dreamworking sessions, (LGBTQ+) TransInterQueer e.V. [TRIQ], Berlin 2017

- Research Praxis 2015-17 - Exploratory Shamanic Research Practice - digital realms, paradox, cocreation, autonomy, integrative shadow work, through Ritual.

- Research Praxis 2015-19 - Dreamwork [amplification and expressive arts], Archetypal Research, Symbol, Transpersonal Psycholog. [+7 years also spent in my own psychoanalytic process].

- Research Praxis 2015 [self healing modality] - Mindfullness / EFT / Traditional Tarot / Egyptian Tarot / Oracles / Akashic Records / Constellation Work

- Integrative Arts Mentor, with Women from migrant backgrounds [ Integrations Course ], Art and Textiles, Berlin 2011 - 2012

- Applied Creativity mentor, Design mentor, with teenagers with Asylum seeker and Refugee status, The Social Studio, Melbourne, 2010.

- Expressive Arts, independent practice and collaborative live art. 2008 - Current

- B.A. Exploratory Design, RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. 2004 - 2008

Thanks to a community of teachers - human and more-than-human entities, peers.

Quan Yin, Inanna, Nepthys, Kali, Hekate.
Francis Sosta & Community
Sunni Leilani,  Heaven On Earth / World of Water & Community
Leonor Beuter, The Fools Journey
Roberta Perzolla, Praxis Für Heilkunde & Community
Jakob Lusensky, Mittelweg 50 & Community
Roland Urban, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe & Community.

Susan Molkeke, The Foundation of Shamanic Studies Community US.
Amanda Flaker, and Abundance Matrix Community With her work on Djinn Magick and the Abundance Matrix.
Buddhisches Tor, Berlin, and community.
Brody Polinsky at Universe Studio Tattoo, for my the protection of my hands.
ACCA, & Community
Alberto Villoldo, Kasia Urbaniak, David Vust ...tbc...


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