Ambient journeys of dappled light through the lowerworlds.

Rites in Sound
Ambient Techno - Dub - Shakers, Gong.
2022 - Future 

Spirit Yurt by Roberta Perzolla

Recording + Audio treatments of sound work of Shamanic Practitioner, Roberta Perzolla, supported by The Foundation Of Shamanic Studies Europe.

2022 - Current

‘Voltage 2.0’ - by Akkamiau + Collapse To Fraction - Opening & Closing Rituals

Core Shamanic Compassionate Space Holding Techniques within [a] Live Art A/V Happenings
2022 - Current

‘Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang’ - by Francis Sosta - Cleaning and Empowerment Work

Core Shamanic Empowerment and Channel Cleaning Techniques within [a] Live Art A/V Happening
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