Psychic Images appear as Rites-In-Sound
Upon the Correspondence Of Your Flesh
Live Electronics, Gong, Shakers.
I Hour electroacoustic earthy mediation groove


Through poetry inscribed into stone, Sumeria, [c. 1900-1600 BCE] we learn about INANNA.

Her story is a quest into the transformational-meditative-dark to reveal true destiny of the inner receptive vessel within all, as seed for new design.

‘C-Refund presents Innana’s Descent’ is an electro-acoustic psychic-ecology of earthy-meditation-groove: dark, humid, multi-pathways, through under-and-lowerworld, reuniting us with animal-body and the power of the lower-realms as rite of passage.

Future-sound-imprint ‘Inanna’s Descent’; is dedicated with gratitude to synth-reiki-spiritualist, the beautiful, fantastic and inspiring, now-angel : Pauline Anna Strom.


We enter this sound journey with a mediation into Algorithm of the Mirror-Mind, towards Animal Power drums and shakers [forthcoming sound from Sarah’s research praxis], meeting at The Gates with Sun Gong.

Nephthys, Goddess of The Temple walks us through midnight waxy-jungles. What happens after that ~ is your experience.

We come back into [?real life?] with a moment from Pauline Anna Strom for heart-opening send off through crystal waves.

💧~ Water is The Way Home ~ 💧

[message from a dream]


Sampled-gong played by Roberta Perzolla of Spirit Yurt.
Whispers, Rattles, Drums and Flute by me.
Algorithm of the Mirror-Mind, recorded thanks to @adrienne.teicher
Sounds and Concepts supported by Residencies Body In Algorithm from Zero Corners, and Music Board Berlin’s Uckermark Residency in Studio Stern at Sternhagen Gut, with Gudrun Gut.

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