I encourage all healing-artists to impliment a code of ethics for a more transparent and energetically sustainable future for all.




In person sessions with me are a fixed price and are payable via invoice after the session.

For international online sessions with new clients, I ask please for advance payment to secure the session time.

Sliding-scale rates only apply if you have been in contact with me via email and we landed on an agreement.

Currently the 1 hour One on One talk sessions are listed as a in-training rate.

I do not work with One on One sessions on the concept of exchange.

For session cancellations prior to 24 hours ahead no fee is charged.

Please note: Session cancellations/time changes after 12 hours ahead of our scheduled time in many cases need to billed - as in most cases I need to cover my preparation time. [ For many deep works, I do not book more than one client per day ]

For Course content, all sales are final. 

For On-Demand content, all sales are final.

I reserve the right to choose with who I work with and in which capacity we can work.


Humans in the position of not being able to afford a [month-long or similar durational] course, especially who are black, indigenous, of color, queer, trans, non-binary, intersex +, neurodiverse or differently abled are able to apply for scholarship by emailing mail @ sarah martinus . com, letting me know why having a scholarship spot would be important for you right now for your personal growth or professional growth, and why in particular you are drawn to my work and methodology.

I will be really happy to support more people who actually want access and will take the content to heart.


It has taken me deep time of inner work, time which I took not exhibiting and not producing anything ‘for the world’ in order to learn to accept the ‘healing’ or ‘activating’ aspect of my artistic practice as authentic.

I worked for years with accepting my compassionate inner authority as opposed to all the self-judgements which I had engulfed as shadow projections. I am aware of what virtue signalling is, what co-opting practices means and where my own feeling-state is with what ‘I own’ within my own work and what I respect of wisdom and information from ancient sources, or what ‘owns’ me. I also have my own understanding of what aspects of the work are shareable and what remains private & sacred.

My inner drive and need to work with empowerment has been there since birth or even pre-birth. I feel that many of us ‘born healers’ end up creating art and finding ourselves split between heights of our vison and limitations of being one human. I am in contact with these aspects of myself on a daily basis to keep grounded and in connection with my own sometimes zany Aquarian ego. I am a work in process.


Sometimes what the soul is wanting to express in art can look like ego to others. Learning to discern and carry these aspects of ourselves is a life long practice of staying connected to dirt.

Where Ego stops and Soul duty begins is something only I can know for certain, and be the judge for myself.

Therefore : How you see me, through your perspective will always be more about you than it is about me. In that case, am here to provide you a mirror for your own gaze.

I can hold certain projections but if I am put on a pedestall - I will fall off at some point. I am by no means perfect, I am just human! Terribly flawed like everyone else.

I make my Ho’oponopono and prayers in order to help me take care of my energetic footprint, take responsibiilty for my own unsconsiousness and forgive myself in the process.


My gaze is not the 'ideal' that I want it to be - as much as I conceptualise, and try to learn. Regardless of my gender, my heritage, or my own life experience, I am still looking through the lenses of our patriarchal, racist, ableist, ageist culture.

My projections are there because my privilege is always what I don't 'have' to know about, because the 'I' that has lived my life, is a product of a non-indigenous, predominantly white, westernised and privileged society, even if I was brown-skinned, I too was a part of the systemic problem.

I ask Spirits to continually help me also deal with my own privilege and when I come up against difficult or painful projections and reflections, I can grow a space big enough to take full responsibility for how I feel - with all attempts - before projecting out my victimhood, fear of failure or saviour complexes unto others.

I read a lot of books about the experinces of life that are different to mine.
I constantly make shadow work and try to learn how to be a continually better ally.


I have studied and continue to study core shamanic practices mainly through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, to which I am happy to suggest to all newcomers as the most organised and ethical place to get in touch with this practice.

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe and America, and surrounding communities, offers solid frameworks for this kind of study to be taken seriously.

The important aspect of the Foundation’s work is that they support orginal wisdom from indigeounus practicing shamans without exoticising and taking from these places but rather by supporting them.

This is a vital point. Our practices need to give to communities - not take away from communities.

I have also studied, rigoursly self-directed, a broad array of practices seeking my personal lineage, in the direction of Asia and beyond.


I have special interest with ancient female WU shamanic tribes, who were the first Daoists and practiced energetic transmutation through dance.

[Among many other practices].

I am only at the tip of the iceberg in discovering the richness of these practices and how different aspects of Buddhism and Mythology interact and flow through my pracitice.

In Sri Lanka, where half of my family is from, the ancient shamanic ethos of the Veddas (as I understand it), was connected somewhat to Buddhist practice [original forms of Sinhalese Buddhism]. For me these practices remain fluid and a part of the discovery of lost lineage.

I also have an array of teachers who continue to hold spaces for me who I list on my praxis page.


The reason for Research Ceremonies is to hold a container for the expansion of community and to also share new ideas spaces in projects with Spirit.

The Research Ceremonies that coincide with new, large research projects - on the first iteration of each - I will endeavour to host as open access Ceremony via Zoom. I would like to keep these open to new comers as well as seasoned practitioners.

Developing authentic ceremony and being as transparent as possible about how we work - authentic to ourselves - is a big part of how I understand respect - to the collective body of information we are accessing and to ourselves.

I am working carefully to continue how best to carry this out.

As ideas reverberate out, I appreciate being referenced for ideas and I do my best to reference where my ideas come from.

Recognition for who we each uniquely are, being seen, is a wonderful aspect of community!


I am very happy to consult with and be in communication with independent press and independent writers.

I abide by personal and professional guidelines of asking for the final proof and any edit of language, imagery and information going out to the public, in describing me and my work.


For PR companies getting in contact with me who are working with, or funded by big business, I abide by personal and professional guidelines.

I do not collaborate with large corporate entites without Artist Fee’s and this Artist Fee at base level includes a donation [unspecified amount] to my choice of institution, to support original sources of wisdom and environmental wellbeing.

I also ask to receive third party sustainability reports from extremely large companies before working together!


I cannot be available for calls about projects without written presentation documents of how these projects will exist in the world, allowing me to clearly see the application of my body, face, identity, voice and ideas.

If your project guidelines cannot meet that specification, please understand I cannot offer my time and energy at this point in time.


These are basic and realistic provisos for energetic clarity and fair working conditions for the Healing Artists.

I encourage all other POC, LGBTQ+ artists and healers to also impliment their own code of ethics for a more intentional, and energetically sustainable future.


Thank you for reading and giving time to discover this website.

With blessings,
Sarah M 



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