Sārāh is an artist & healer [rejuvenation activist]*, working in re-member-ship of circle-culture based on ancient care-practices, which includes reflections into environment, psyche and the psychic, through artistic research-led, co-emergent processes expressed in sound, sensation, image and multimedia live-arts. 

artist, activator*
[ ”activator”, in place of the word: “healer”, as at the core, all healing is self-healing, allowing oneself to bloom from within. We heal ourselves in the presence of safe space holders and being mirrored in our wholeness. ] 

                                           Sārāh works technically with subtle body energies, psychic-ecologies and their complex interconnected relationship within environment. The core focus of her practice operates on action of giving witness and de-centralising gaze: the ‘I’ in search of the ‘we’.

Her focus into rejuvenation holds a relationship with holistic rhythms of the un-manifested, exploring identity, embodiment, psyche, intuition as dynamic energy passing through individual and collective.

Through dreamwork, animist earth-medicine practices & ritual, inner embodied alchemy [somatics] and orphic incantation [sound healing: authentic voicework, magma-sound & polyrhythm] articulated by research into non-linear consciousness theory, and narrative [poetics, archetype, myth and the absurd] - Sarah’s work opens communication to mediate modern machine and transpersonal spirit.

Inner-experience is as product, holding concurrent metaphysical spaces and paradox in acknowledgement of the non-dual. We work to become a clean mouth piece for prophecies and oracles of The Unseen.

High importance is understood within darkness as vital process to incubation and initiation, human-intuition-technology, authenticity, chance, synchronicity; influenced by aktionist art theory, neo-concretism, radical transformability and abject arts.

An analytic approach to energy practition, with respect to indigenous sources of wisdom, is focused on collection, reference, recognition and reparation of intuitional ways of being as building blocks for future-present knowledge and ethical working systems of care. This is expressed in her work under the terms ‘Ancestral Earth Medicine’ and ‘Re-Orbit Praxis’ (Decolonialist Shadow Work).

Sarah enquires and attunes into water-wisdom and holding practices of collective soul.



Sārāh offers One on One sessions in the capacity of an Exploratory Core-Shamanic Practitioner, with ritual and witness counsel for power transferral and rebalance.

The one on one session work focused on Shadow re-routing, in the support of self-mercy. Sārāh’s ability to vison deeply into complex systems is focused on transforming our oppression into new freedoms.

Through sensing and presence she is available to provide support of deeper access to soul, aiding to unblock and release the power available to us as we go through periods of major transition or loss.

Sound, Movement, and Natural Elements are companions in this work.

More info on sessions is listed on the praxis page or flow over to the blog to discover more.



Online or in-person research ceremonies [as workshop] are made for studio groups or research teams interested in ritual, the relation of the body, processual art. Sarah has interest in supporting artists in developing new future-focused authentic ceremonial research practices.

Sārāh grows an ongoing container : INTRA RHYTHMS online community space on discord, which you are welcome to access though her patreon, on the “Offerings” page.



Sarah is currently researching Kinship Systems, Personal and Essential Identity, Abstraction & Trance Poetry, Karma & The Yugas (Planetary Ages). 

Her research into core shamanic perspectives of digitalisation as an integration portal, views the simultaneous evolution of perspectives of the sensorial body and birth of digitalisation as a leverage for expanded multi-perspectivism in witnessing and healing trauma, evolving into intra-sectionality: psychic fragments as unique blueprint for an expansive grid.

This expanded into Shadow Alchemy through Saya Soma: Shadow Body In Encoded System ​(2020-22), awaiting publicaion in 2023 through Body In Algorithms, Zero Corners - and was previously presented through sound, visuals and writing, with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe (2019-2022) and as performance happening with CTM Festival Hacklab Berlin (2018).

Through years 2015 - 2019 Sārāh worked in faciliation and communications for digitial art and computer music studio; Studio Robert Henke and in 2019 - 2020 moved into Research and Communications with Studio Tomás Saraceno. Through these experiences she has formed a deep understanding of socio-cultural care practice which spans multi-media arts, installation, sound, club-culture, co-creational artistic praxis and attunement to ecology.

In 2016, Sārāh founded and curated an independent art and music space: Aether (Berlin), focusing on post-internet, conceptual art, ambient sound and noise.

In 2016-18 she was an administrator for online network of nonbindary and female* artists in music and digital arts, female:pressure.

The threads of her degree in Fashion Design (1.Hons, 2008) from R.M.I.T. Melbourne drew her towards an exploratory and collaborative program in transformative sustainability, in connection with S.I.A.L [spatial information architecture laboratory]; where the work and mentorship of Prof. Pia Ednie Brown, Research Supervisor Prof. Robyn Healy, artists Adele Varcoe, Boo Chapple and designers Material By Product [Susan Dimasci, Chantal Kirby] deeply inspired her reflection upon radical theories of toxicity and the networked connection of the human body with layers of environment, which developing seeds into working with Objective Psyche.

In 2015 she turned towards the meta-physical and began studies with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, honouring alternative formats of inner research and intimate ceremony, learning Tarot, Astrology, Akashic Records, and many other Oracular intuitional systems, particularily learning through Roland Urban and David Vust. She is also in great appreciation of teachers and space holders Amanda Flaker, Jakob Lusensky, Roberta Perzolla, Leonor Beuter.



Sārāh's work with performance, video, sound and image has been supported through developmental residencies Sternhagen Gut, supported by Music Board Berlin (2021), Body in Algorithms (2021), curated by Ashley Middleton and Georgia Perkins, exhibited internationally in institutions such as Screenspace (Melbourne, Australia) curated by Laura Castagnini, festivals such as At.tention festival (Lärz, Germany), Atrium Space (Melbourne, Australia) and fortyfivedownstairs (Melbourne) together with live art collaboration Spill Collective.

She has performed live electronic sound in listening bar & club setting, Kwia (Berlin), OHM (Berlin), and has brought multimedia performance art (AudioVisual) into spaces such as about:blank (Berlin) curated by Sylvia Sadzinski, embracing accessibility of live arts within Berlin’s underground club music scene.

Sārāh holds a strange relational vessel, Consumer Refund, held online and through sound performance. Individuals may integrate their subconscious matter (dreams) into her C-Refund archive via private experience, where the internet allows the fostering of a intimately personal, yet anonymous connection.

She is an active member of and speaks up for female:pressure on topics of Intersectionality.



Special interest into the energy of Inanna, Quan Yin, and the ancient female WU shamanic tribes, who were the first Daoists, practicing energetic transmutation through dance. [Among many other practices]

After 10 years, She is at the tip of the iceberg in discovering the richness of these practices and how different aspects of Buddhism and Mythology interact and flow through her own. She is working in order to claim ALL of her ancestry - which really means belonging to the Earth and Cosmos. * 

In Sri Lanka, where half of Sarah’s family is from, her ancestry is Sinhalese [ Hela / South Asian / Indo-Aryan / Dutch / Indo-Portuguese / or Malay, from Java, Surat and Bengal ] * . The ancient shamanic ethos of the Veddas, was connected somewhat to Buddhist practice [original and ancient forms of Sinhalese Buddhism - very different from modern day interpretations]. These practices remain a part of the discovery of her lost lineages.

Sārāh is learning to write her name in Sinhalese: සාරා එලිසබෙත් මාටිනස්

In Australia, Sārāh grew up on the unceeded lands of the Wurundjeri tribes in Melbourne/Naarm, with ancestry to England/Ireland & Entire Europe - as both an immigrant and desendant of settler colonies.

Learning stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtimes as Dream Animals shaped the Earth as a child was her favourite - she sought to belong to something deeper, and these stories made the most sense. She feels an overflowing amount of respect for Sacred Aboriginal Indigenous Wisdom especially Water Wisdom and art making. 

Sārāh continues to study into personal cosmology, warmly defending independent, receptive, curiously interrogative, respectful and subversive creation.

* A reference to Luisah Teich. To “claim all of one’s ancestry” is to be responsible for the experiences of these ancestors.

Based on research found through Nira Wickramasinghe, a historian of modern Sri Lanka and professor of Modern South Asian Studies.


Image credit : to Mathilda Bernmark.
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