(Kinship Research in Process)



Transformation needs a Vessel.
Manifestation needs a Vessel.

The Vessel, The Body, The Reality, these are collectivly formed, accumulated, relational.

Spaces of Pyschic Belonging is A Research Ceremony Process, which describes ongoing ‘works’ which are space holders, anchors in the grid, based on relational based community re-generation and belonging: free-formed together with community.

There are three spaces in process under this research title.

- B-16 Gardening Plot in Templehof’s Garden Verein. (Berlin) (online through Telegram)

- Sarah’s Praxis Discord Server : Intra Ryhtyms (online)
- Female:Pressure Discord Server (online)


Kinship, is Intersectional, yet also manages to bridge differences through nuance, empathy & story. 

Kinship operates on the agreement that we leave our relational impact on the Other as something that benefits the Other as much as it benefits us.

How to Participate:

B-16 :
- This is an Open Network, centralising & affirming Feminine, Yin, Queer, Trans, Two Spirit & BIPOC Identities as Sacred Teachers.
- This is also a recharge location, where we give into the Earth. 
- To join the B-16 Telegram send Sarah an email. 
- The idea is that you tune into intution, into the group, and into the land and community of the location. We allow ourselves to shape and be shaped by the experience, and the seeking of belonging. 

Seeking to Belong powers a lot of our Shadow behaviours, as collonised peoples, we are conditioned to constantly seek external validation from the top of the heirachical system (capitalist, patriachial, imago) instead of listening to our own wisdom: knowing our own heart. This conditioning and lack of alternative spaces can keep us looped into a validation seeking loop from places which keep us small and disempowered.

The system conditions us this way through advertising, marketing, rhetoric in politics & media, beauty standards body-image, religion & societal norms (which get mistaken as ethics), as form of control. When we are powerless we are easy to control. When we are power-full, we are able to make choices, we are less easy to control.

For bodies who are going through transformational healing from dysfunctional systems, perhaps going no contact with family, or perhaps shifting their entire auric grid, which means dissolving partnerships that no longer serve, and rebuilding a foundation to allow partnerships that do serve, 

Being in community who speak certain language and understand this experience is extremely valueable as we can develop a mutual language of belonging to ourselves eachother and the earth.

Belonging to eachother in intersectional community also means bridging the times when we disagree: allowing that to occur without abandoning eachother, or making the other bad/wrong.

Belonging to a peice of earth, to a garden, is a great teaching in abundance, non attachment, receptivity, seeing and peace.

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