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June 2024 2024 | ... TBA

Jan 13th 2024 | Joining Sunni Leilani Live with Ancient Love Story | Corsica, FR. Earth Medicine Sound Live


Nov 3rd, 7pm | Kuzniak Teicher - drip drip drip EP Launch / C-Refund - Upon The Psychic Correspondence of Digital Flesh (Yin’s Return) - Intimate Concert & Artist Talks | Kasper Theatre Böhmische Platz | Berlin

July 13th - 15th | European Music Seminars: “Intersectionality & Non-Hierarchical Collectives: Female:Pressure” | Jazz Petite France Stasbourg, FR 

June 15th - 18th | Scanning The Horizon An Immersive Archive | Sound Pools, Co-lab w/ Benjamin Busch | Xposed Queer Film Festival | Kino Moviemento | Berlin

* Cancelled - !Health! * Feb 4th 2023 / C-Refund prs. “Upon The Psychic Correspondence of Digital Flesh” Electro-Accoustic Live Set - Ceremony / Vorspiel 2023 [CTM/transmediale] Field Conspiracy x FOAD w/ Catalyst Berlin: Threads


3rd Dec 2022 / Refuge Worldwide / C-REFUND [DJ Set] / Future Patterns VA Showcase 

Dec 2022 - Jan 2023 / Sound Pools for VR Installation / “Scanning The Horizon: An Immersive Achive” / Benjamin Busch / Berlin Program for Artists [group exhibition], KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Nov 2022  / Sound Pools for VR Installation / “Scanning The Horizon: An Immersive Achive” / Benjamin Busch / Doku-Fest Kassel - Honarary Mention, Golden Cube Award

10th July 2022 / Algorithm of the Mirror Mind / Foundation of Shamanic Studies EU / Refugio Berlin

4th June 2022 / Magical Music To Expand To / C-REFUND [Hybrid Set] / Threads Radio for Friday in Veins / @threadsradio / @etikettradio / Funkhaus Berlin

22nd May 2022 / Inter-Relations / Kwia Berlin / C-Refund presents Inanna’s Descent / Psychic-Ecology Rites in Sound [Live, Electro Accoutsic]

7th + 8th April 2022 / Akkamiau + Collapse To Fraction Collective + Dancers / Voltage 2.0 / Audiovisual Movement Performance / NGO DEI Prague / [Opening, Holding, Closing Sacred Space]

11th + 12th March 2022 /
Akkamiau + Collapse To Fraction Collective + Dancers / Voltage 2.0 / Audiovisual Dance Performance / Vierte Welt Berlin / [Opening, Holding, Closing Sacred Space]


Dec 7 and 13th, 2021, Excerpts from Sylvia Plaths Unabridged Diaries, in collaboration with Akkamiau, USMA Radio Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies, Republic of San Marino, Radio RaBe, Bern and Chimeres Radio, Athens hosted by Meira Asher on Radio Art 106.

Nov 21, 2021, Excerpts from Sylvia Plaths Unabridged Diaries, in collaboration with Akkamiau, ReBoot FM, hosted by Meira Asher on Radio Art 106.

Nov 19th, 2021,To Open and Close Digital Space, “Change and Transformation”, 24 Hour event, Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, alongside Andrea Familiari’s Tribute to Noise.

17th July 2021 / Francis Sosta / EIN PRÄ-APOKALYPTISCHER SPAZIERGANG / Collegium Hungaricum Berlin / [Metaphysical Cleaning of Sound Signal]

16th June 2021, Dance The Digital Waterfall, Enquiries into embodied, non-ordinary digital space, Hosted by ZeroCorners, Online [Research Ceremony Workshop]


6th Nov 2020, Video for Opening and Closing Digital Space, Shamanism and Digitalisation 2.0, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, Online, alongside Audrey Hendel’s vocals and drumming.

20th October 2020, Acoustic Drum Journey Happening, Patterns of Perception Garden, Brandenburg, Berlin

26th June 2020, Sound for an Opening and Closing of Digital Space, Shamanism and Digitalisation,
Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, alongside Andrea Familiari’s Tribute to Noise, Online


November 2019 Musica Sanae / Labour [for Farah & Colin] / [Juju bean shaker support in live performance].

5th June 2018, 20th March 2018, 17th April 2018, Lambda Radio for Female:Pressure,
Cashmere Radio, Berlin, cohosts Akkamiau and Mary Fischer.

4th February 2018 /
Spirit Casual, Swarm Aninimism Happening / CTM Hacklab - The Hacked Mind Residency / HAU 2, Berlin

27th Janurary 2018,
CONSUMER REFUND, [Hybrid/Live], for Borshch Magazine / Blender Studios, Berlin.

22nd September 2017,
OHM Berlin, Consumer Refund / [Live / Hybrid] / Patterns of Perception

18th August 2017, WITCH RAVE, CONSUMER REFUND [Live], Treptow Insel, Berlin

13th August 2017, Sound Journey: EXCERPTS FROM SYLVIA PLATH's UNABRIDGED DIARIES, Cashmere radio, Akkamiau, Sarah Martinus, part 1.

June 2017, The Shadow Theatre of Tarot, The Fools Journey, 48 hour Neukolln, Berlin. [Live Improvised Sound, Aktion/Performance].

28th Janurary, 2017,  Queer Healing Berlin, CONSUMER REFUND, Dreamworking Private Sessions, TRIQ Berlin.

18th November, 2016, Bad Conscience, CONSUMER REFUND, (Live), Loophole, Berlin

11th May, 2016, C-R Exhibition / Consumer Refund Workshop Facilitation: Imagination Language; Paint Session, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

September 2015, The Fools Journey, At.tension Festival, [Costume Design, Production and Performance Support, Divination Tea Readings] Laerz, Germany

25th October 2012, Come a Little Closer, ScreenSpace Gallery, Exhibition 25/10/12 - 17/11/12, Melbourne, Australia.

May 2012, Live Aktion + Video, The Club, Berlin.

21st July 2012, Slut Walk SOLI Party, Video and Performance, P.H.A.T. ,
//about:blank// , Berlin.

29th June 2012, Kids Art Workshop, Sommerwerkstatt, Weisenburg, Berlin.

May 2012, Video Art Screening, The Club, Berlin.

NYE 2011, Live Aktion, Bunker, Voegelchen, Berlin,

October 2011, Live Aktion collaboration with Hedi Mohr, Monster Ronsons Ichiban Kareoke, Berlin.

September 2011, Live Aktion + Video, Angry Inch, Monster Ronsons Ichiban Kareoke, Berlin.

March 2011, TSS Rebirth, Underground Arts Park, Collingwood, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Australia.

2010, Sunsets Over Cardboard Mountains, Lisa Stewart, Rachel Feery & Edward Gould, Hybrid Performance Project, Edinburgh Garden's The Village Festival, Melbourne Australia [Secretary Performance]

... 2010, Sustainable Living Festival, TSS RE-MIX WORKSHOP, Federation Square, Melbourne Australia.

31st Dec 2010, REMIX+REMAKE Workshops - Sustainable Costume. Peats Ridge Music Festival, Australia.

... 2010, Endarkenment, Costume Design and Production,
Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australia. [Wearable Art Costume]

... 2010, Solipsis, Spill Collective, Costume Design and Production,
 fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia. [Wearable Art Costume]

... 2010, objects exhibition, Discobeans Melbourne +
Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Australia. [Wearable and Edible Art]

... 2010, UNwearables Performance+Costume, The Order of Melbourne,
L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne, Australia.  [Wearable and Edible Art]

... 2009, Dark Matter, Spill Collective, Federation Square Atrium, Melbourne.  [Wearable Art Costume]

... 2009, The Wayward Fold, L'Oreal Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

... 2008, Unwearables, Exhibition, The Projects Gallery, 2008

... 2008,
Hand to Mouth, Interactive Dinner Performance, Boo Chapple and Adele Varcoe, Meat Markets, North Melbourne.


Sarah Martinus (Melbourne, Australia, 1987) is an artist, healer and independent researcher, working technically with subtle body energies and their complex interconnected relationship within environment.

Her focus into the holistic psychic rhythms of the un-manifested, explores identity, embodiment, psyche, spirit, emotion and the co-emergent multitude of realities within the individual and collective.

Through core-shamanic praxis, grounded within dreamwork, inner embodied alchemy [somatics] and orphic incantation [sound healing and authentic voicework] coupled with research into non-linear consciousness theory, and narrative [poetics, archetype, myth and the absurd] - Sarah’s work opens communication with transpersonal inner imagery, working to mediate the modern machine and collective spiritual identity-body.

Her analytic approach to energy practition, with respect to indigenous sources of wisdom under the term “shamanic”, is focused on the collection and recognition of lost intuitional / feminine / yin ways of being as building blocks for present knowledge.

High importance is understood within darkness as a vital process to incubation and initiation, intuition-technology, authenticity, chance, synchronicity; influenced by aktionist art theory, neo-concretism, radical transformability, psycho-ecology, and the abject.

Across abstract image, ritual, sound and experience, she addresses the inner-experience as product, holding concurrent metaphysical spaces and paradox in acknowledgement of the non-dual.

She questions deeply into how to become a clean mouthpeice for the unseen, into prophecy and oracles.

She enquires and attunes into water-wisdom and holding practices of collective soul through 3D-5D and the digital realms.

Her research into core shamanic perspectives of digitalisation as an integration portal, presented through sound and writing, with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe (2020) and as performance happening with CTM Festival Hacklab Berlin (2018), views the simultaneous evolution of perspectives of the sensorial body and birth of digitalisation as a leverage for expanded multi-perspectivism in witnessing and healing trauma, evolving a new embrace of what she now calls intra-sectionality: psychic fragments as unique blueprint for the win-win-win; the ever expansive abundance grid.

The threads of her degree in Fashion Design (1.Hons, 2008) from R.M.I.T. Melbourne drew her towards an exploratory and collaborative program in transformative sustainability, in connection with S.I.A.L [spatial information architecture laboratory]; where the work and  mentorship of Prof. Pia Ednie Brown, Research Supervisor Prof. Robyn Healy, artists Adele Varcoe, Boo Chapple and designers Material By Product [Susan Dimasci, Chantal Kirby] inspired the reflection upon radical theories of toxicity and the networked connection of the human body with layers of environment, developing seeds into her deep interest in working with objective psyche.

In 2015 she turned inwards and began studies with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, stepping away from the academic sector and away from exhibiting work within traditional art framework, preferring private connections, alternative formats and intimate ceremony.

Sarah holds a metaphysical relational vessel called Consumer Refund, held online and through sound, where individuals may integrate their subconscious matter (dreams) into her archive via private experience, where the internet allows the fostering of a personal, yet anonymous connection.

Sarah's work with performance, video, sound and image has been exhibited internationally in institutions such as Screenspace (Melbourne, Australia) curated by Laura Castagnini, festivals such as At.tention festival (Lärz, Germany), Atrium Space (Melbourne, Australia) and fortyfivedownstairs (Melbourne) together with live art collaboration Spill Collective. She has performed live electronic sound in club settings, namely OHM (Berlin), and has brought multimedia performance art and video into spaces such as about:blank (Berlin) curated by Sylvia Sadzinski, embracing accessibility of live art as mutual exchange with Berlin’s underground club music scene.

In 2016, Sarah founded and curated an independent art and music space: Aether (Berlin), focusing on post-internet, conceptual art and ambient sound and noise, running for one year.

She continues to study into her personal cosmology, defending independent, receptive, curiously interrogative, respectful and subversive creation.

Her praxis work aids to hold space for individuals through periods of transition and support the healing of emotional traum into greater power in nuance, depth and diversity.


September 2021 - Sternhagen Gut Residency - Music Board Berlin, With Gudrun Gut, Uckermark District of Brandenburg.

Dec 2020 - August 2021 - Body In Algorithms, Zero Corners, Online. Curated by Ashley Middleon and Georgia Perkins.

Feb 2018 - CTM Hacklab - The Hacked Mind Residency / HAU 2, Berlin. Curated by Peter Kirn and Ioann Maria.

Music Releases:

DEC 28 2022, Ancient Love Story, Sunni Leilani, World Of Water and Heaven On Earth.

DEC 3 2022, FUTURE PATTERNS V/A - C-REFUND - OBSIDIAN GAZE, Patters Of Perception & Minimal Collective

13th Jan 2020, Columns, C-Refund Remix for HYENAZ, OBSKUR MUSIC

Music Releases Forthcoming:

Forthcoming - EP from C-REFUND! TBA...

Forthcoming - Meditational Alchemy Digital Praxis Album from SARAH M! TBA...

Forthcoming in 202?, Spirit Yurt, TBA... Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe.


Forthcoming 2022/3 - “Saya Soma: Shadow Body In Encoded System” Research Essay in “Body In Algorithms”, Art-Publication, Zero Corners

June 2020, “Searching for the Invisible: Dreaming of Embodied Computation”, Shamanism and Digitalisation, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe.

November 2019, on the Universe amongst other topics...Studio Tomás Saraceno

Talks / Panel Discussions:

2023 /

Nov 16th - 17th | Talks on Intersectionality representing FACTS w/female:pressure | Live DMA, during Stadt Nach Acht | Berlin

July 13th - 15th / Representative of female:pressure / Intersectionality as Wisdom in Flat-Heirachical Creative Digital Communities / European Music Seminars: Jazz Petite France Stasbourg.

2021, Dreamscapes, Oneric Space & Daddy Magazine, Callies Berlin. Talking about post-internet dreaming, collective psyche and bipoc multi-realities.

2018, Representative of female:pressure administration / Sustaining Creative + Digital Communities / Music Pool / Interflugs - Berlin

2018, Presenting female:pressure / On the move: Feminism and Pop Culture / Missy Magazine / Goethe Institut Berlin - Singapore

Publication / Press:

Shado Mag & Kalt Blut, “We just wanted to give ourselves a chance”: Berlin’s next-gen ravers talk partying and politics”- for female:pressure, 2023

Aug -Sep, 2022, Finding My Freedom Podcast, Part 1 and Part 2 - Conversations with Kevin Winsett: Spiritual Awakenings, Artist and Musician Life, Re-Orbiting, Intuition, Beauty & Awe.

November 8, 2021, The Creative Independent, On relearning what you knew as a child: constellating oneself, safe spaces for resistance, the power of rituals, and why remembering is important for creating.

26th July, 2018, CDM; What culture ritual will be like in the age of AI..,

2nd August, 2017 / Patterns of Perception - A chat with Consumer Refund: Dreams, Art, Music + Gender

1st April, 2016 / Bpigs Berlin "Have you met.... Aether"

2007-2009, Pia Ednie-Brown (ed) Plastic Green: designing for environmental transformation; RMIT University Press 2009

Independent - Curated Projects:

19th July 2016, PS#13: Davide Luciani, Aether, Berlin.

12th July 2016, PS#12: Hysteria, Aether, Berlin.

5th July 2016, PS#10: DuPhaux, Aether, Berlin.

28th June 2016, PS#09: NO FRILLS, Aether, Berlin.

27th May - 7th June 2016, Curation: Exhibtion: Device : Space : Unknown : , Bea Stach and Bram Kuypers, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

29th April - 10th May 2016, Curation: Iguana Begeistert, Ann Dunham, Solo Show w/ Live: Bubblebeth, BlueStork , Aether Gallery, Berlin.

3rd May 2016, Private Session #6: Laika Jona, Aether, Berlin.

15th - 26th April 2016, Curation: Deep Time; Christian Sawalski, Solo Show, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

1st April- 12th April, 2016, Curation/Production: : Kosmos : Lunar Reflections: , Group Show w/ artists: Henrieke Hanemann, Frank J. Schaepel, Katrin Euller, Roberta Perzola, Leonor Beuter, DJ sets: Hyenaz, Sanctuary, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

29nd March, 2016, Private Session #5: Luis Vasquez (The Soft Moon), Berlin.

22nd March, 2016, Private Session #4: Andreas Mann (POP), Aether, Berlin.

15th March, 2016, Private Session #3: blank_city, Aether, Berlin.

8th March, 2016, Private Session #2: Tom Page (RocketNumberNine), Aether, Berlin.

23rd Feb, 2016, Private Session #1: Hyenaz, Aether, Berlin.

29th Jan - 30th Jan 2016, Producer: Inner Landscapes, w/ Artist Lisa Stewart, DJ: Paul Kav, Aether, Berlin.

30th June 2012, SommerWerkstatt, Video Art / Performance Curator, Weisenburg, Berlin.

... 2010, UNwearables Performance+Costume, The Order of Melbourne, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne, Australia.


Pyschotherapuetic Heilpraktitioner-in-training, ChristophMahr Institute, Berlin, Germany, 2018.

Core Shamanic practitioner-training, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, 2015 - ongoing.

Dreamworking, Archetypal Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, Akash, Soul / Counsellor-in-training, 2015 - ongoing.

B.A. of Fashion Design Explorartory (Hons.1), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2004-2008.


Music Booking: Contracting & Invoices, We Are E Agency & Find A Way Production, 2023.

Audio Technician - Recording, Post Production, Mixing, Mastering, Vocals, Flutist, 2022.

Private Core Shamanic Praxis Work, 2020 -

Research and Communications
Studio Tomás Saraceno 2019 - 2020

Studio Manager
Project Management, PR, Communication, Logistics, 
Studio Robert Henke, 2015 - 2018

Latest Project : June 8th 2018, From Within... , Ensemble intercontemporain, Cite de la Musique, Paris, France.

Admin / Communication / Design :
female:pressure, volunteer, 2016 - 2018 - FACTS 2017

Context / Writing : Studio Deniz Kurtel & The 5th House, 2018

Aether Gallery + Elixirs Bar
‘Dark’ music and Conceptual Art
Pannierstrasse, Berlin Neukoelln, 2015

Designer / Mentor, Assistant Studio Management:
The Social Studio
Melbourne, 2011

Artist Assistance, Boo Chapple + Adele Varcoe
Hand to Mouth performance, Nth. Melbourne Meat Markets, 2008


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