Radio Lambda, 2018,
Cashmere Radio, Berlin.

Live talk show, hosted by female:pressure members Akkamiau, Sarah Martinus and Mary Lilith Fischer, dedicated to promote and celebrate work of non-binaries + wymym* @ female:pressure.

Episode 1 - feat. Hacklab Echoes with Ioann Maria and Swarm Animism +++

Episode 2 - feat. Laura Bcr + ON/Board, Electric Indigo, +++

Episiode 3 - feat. Hyperdellia’s WOMB, Venus Ex Machina +++

Radio Sylvia Part 1 and II, 2017,
Premiered on Cashmere Radio, Berlin.

Part II, revisted and hosted by RadioArt 106, and streamed over ReBoot Fm in Berlin, 2021

Audio experiment 'Excerpts From Sylvia Plath's Unabridged Diaries', is a sound journey through mental-emotional lands of one of the most dynamic and admired female poets of the 20th century, Sylvia Plath.

Selected chapters narrated and imprinted in sonic improvisations between Lena Kocisova and me, with Lena's Korg Kronos.

Lena Kocisova / akkamiau
-sound improvisation, concept, production.

Sarah Martinus
-sound improvisation, narration, cover.

Part One is archived here:

Part two archived soon on ReBoot FM. 

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