Shamanic Drum Journey
Opening Space and Calling For Power

Happening, October 3rd 2020

The spaces we exist within are as much agents in shaping our human experiences, as we humans are agents in shaping our spaces. When considering the immaterial, space becomes vessel, the interior of which, becomes necessary to treat and maintain with care as we realise it is entangled in carrying and producing our outer-body experience.

This work proposes methods to work shamanically and call on compassionate power. Helping seekers to dissolve perceived boundaries - opening up connection to alternate and mutable reality, ordinary and non-ordinary. 

In order to fully appreciate the journey, one must go in to actively probe its crevices, exploring the space between drive and deep echolocation, whistles, and pulsed calls.

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Permeating through all four states of being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual… The power of sound; an ever evolving nature as simultaneous wrestle between simplicity and complexity, touches us so deeply it can render the unanswered questions we have about life, universe, soul: obsolete.

Music is ‘transcendental language’, a bridge reaching us further into a connectedness with wholeness than any other art form. It does this by dissolving perceived borders until we ultimately realise, they existed only within our minds. Even the boundaries of our physical bodies are questioned and extended, as we sense sound vibration travel through flesh and muscle.

As hypnotic movement dissolves into limitlessness… rhythm and melody activate groove. Narrative is orchestrated inside our very skin-being, igniting a symbiotic instance of emotion and sensation. Entangled to the world, music enables us to feel our entire universal existence as constructed of vibration on each present moment.

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