"My wound existed before me;

I was born to embody it."

~ Joë Bousquet



Times of great transformation and change ask us to live at the edge of our human capacity.

Deep grief, depressions or great periods of stress are asking to be lived out.
Walked onwards with, theses periods can be gently caressed into a feast for the soul ~ alchemised into creativity, in order to rebirth and evolve us.

In forging our own new pathways, we need others to walk with us.

Witnessing and walking together is what I offer in depth counselling sessions.


Working with dreams, experiencing presence, developing expression through art, and coming back into somatic experience, opens a conversation with the deepest aspects of our being - supporting an inquiry into the spiritual, symbolic/archetypal, personal and collective charges playing out their dramas in our unconscious.

My aim is to support you in discovering your deeper knowing and intimate relationship with inner worlds. An examined awareness, held with compassion, open curiosity and witnessed in conversation, leads to a process of integration, of our lost or dormant power.

I do this through adapting my process to suit you, supported by a Shamanic, Spiritual practice [direction - Tantric, Vedic, Tonglen] and Jungian framework.

My first aim above all - is to listen.

My focus :

Creativity [intense losses of], Trauma [complex forms of], Healing from Dysfunctional Family Systems and Ancestral Trauma, Emotional Neglect / Preoccupation, Depression, Co-Dependancies, Addiction, Toxic Relationship, Loss of Meaning, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Panic, Burnout, Shadow-integration work.

What I can offer :

- Safe and open space to be vulnerable and discover your authenticity.
- Non judgemental, non-pathologist perspective - an understanding that we are fluid beings, not fixed in one way or another, of being ‘defect’. Health is a process of balance.
- Somatic movement and expressive art as a part of living out and integrating emotion.
- A deep understanding of transformative emotions as power.

What is yours to come :

- New consciousness into your own patterns - thought patterns, somatic memories, inner child states and existential needs.
- Re-contextualisation of your story, re-ownership of your own story.
- With time dedication and care, you will have chances to get your power back.


The type of counselling I can offer does not cover persons in danger of loss of life, in extreme or emergency situations, psychosis, or provide sufficient support for people needing an emergency response.

If you or someone you are supporting to look for a therapist, is needing immediate care:

The Berlin Crisis Service provides fast and professional assistance for issues including psychosocial crises and acute mental and psychiatric emergencies Advice is free of charge, 365 days a year, around the clock and multi-lingual :



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