Within this consensual reality we are saying YES.
But which parts of me are saying yes, to what?
How could we be saying “yes” to all the pain and suffering we are experiencing?
Whats the real point of my grief? Where is it taking me?


Shadow work is about working on gaze between our perceptions of self and other, and this I prefer to constellate within more regular talk-session work. Shadow work unfolds within relationship and longer-term self reflection, and the strongest healing in terms of shadow work comes from witnessing oneself through the mirrors of these relationships.

The length of continued session work is up to the analysand to decide as they go. Due to shadow work being all about how an analysand 'sees worlds' and how these worlds are in turn 'seeing the analysand’ it is not up to me to designate a set time period for you.

On my website I wrote; for clients to not expect a journey under 6 months for shadow-work talk sessions. Sessions do not ‘need' to be weekly, but I do believe regularity is very important for holding new psyche.

Life events will unfold and the souls path will show the way as the shadow speaks through internal mirrors of life events. What I can do is hold the space for continued analysis, hold projections within gentle witness, helping each client to discern the origin of the psychic content and to eleviate some of the extra suffering around each polarity while we call in for greater power integration.

My techniques are varied and 100% specific for each client - I listen first and fully tune in to your situation. Ritual work, art creation, and somatic psycho-magic, different understandings of energy would be woven in as the process develops. Dreams are a very important part of the process.

My main aim with this analysis work as regular talk sessions is that each individual learns to self regulate / self heal, making their own way through their shadow content.


Alternatively, for diving straight into certain issues and asking directly for healing to Spirits - I do offer shadow integration activation in the ritual Shamanic Sessions also where I endeavour to go in and "clear out" or look into "dusting off" the shadow [dream fog and mirrors of the mind] with core-shamanic techniques.

The ritual sessions I make are one-off [or in a cluster] for sacralising deeper topics. Some people choose to do this once in 6 months, others once a month. It depends on the person and how deeply they wish to stay in working with sacred realms.

Shamanic Sessions work fluid with talk sessions. The ritual work is for specifically enacting movements in the abstract or sacred realms of consciousness - realms where the human mind has little to no bearing.


It is a mind-bending topic sometimes to understand the personal and collective shadows which touch our lives. That’s why it so important to give time to the process of reflection and discernment.

There is so much power to be found in the shadows for all of us, especially collectively right now.




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