“...Darkness is woven into the situation of the world...

It is within the unravelling we find the next stages for a new design "

- Michael Meade



The Shamanic way is always to accept DIS-ease as opportunity to re balance. The soul offers the ego for a cleaning.

DIS, from the underworld pulls us under for a metaphoric DIS-memberment.

To walk with the third eye open into ritual constellation is allow layers of ego-death and wash the heart open to its unbreakable state.


This session is constellation of the meta-bodies we live in - family systems, and inner child systems, future self systems... In reference to “Dismemberment” we are view our ‘extrapolated-out’ body of relationship to all beings and to ourselves within this session. Everything we perceive in a journey, including the environment of the journey is symbolic.


This session is everything from the 2HR Shamanic Ritual Session, made in an active journey where the client takes the journey lead within liminal space of Integrative State of Conciousness. (traditional hollistic core-shamanic trance state)

This session is focused on constellating relationships with family and with inner selves, outside of time - having opportunities of expression - for excavation and co-witnessing of deep previously unheld, unseen trauma, the shifting of past ‘stuck’ emotional content, and reintegration, in 100% safe space.

During the work I boost you at various moments with more power through Sound and slight touch on your shoulders, soles of the feet. I support your voice and expression of what needs to come through. We go deep into an integrative state of consciousness together with the aid of the Gong and Drums.

I also clean and “burn” off old energy as we go, to enable helpful transformation of the emotional body. (Extractions)

This session is usually 3 - 4hrs but can run overtime.

This type of deep work is only made every so often, it moves a lot within the psyche realm and body realm.

Get ready for a lot of new information and a deep release!




I record this entire journey as a high quality sound file which I will send to you as an mp3, a few days after.
I take notes of the entire journey also and keep copies here in the praxis for private client records.

There is a potent chance for Shadow Work in listening back to the recording:
Am I able to listen with compassion, mercy, and self love, towards myelf? Where not? Why?
Do I witness myself here, How do I feel about the work I have just made?


NB // A great follow up for this type of session, is to look at what is came up for you symbolically, two weeks after in a Witness-Recap Session.
When further Sessions are suggested, especially for continued Ritual Work, we can always talk about a package or sliding scale price.


45 minutes - 1hr talk about your situation and defining our intentions.

2Hr+ Deep ritual work, with you in active leadership of the journey.

30 mins to discuss symbols and integration. This is roughtly 3 - 4 Hrs hours.

Ritual Sessions are held mostly in the afternoon-evening, in person [one on one], in Berlin Neukölln or online.

Hospital or home visits are possible in special cases.

*Please do not schedule anything after a session like this - only relaxation and digestion.




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