I reserve the right to choose with who I work with and in which capacity we can work.


Currently the 1 hour One on One talk sessions are listed as a in-training rate from 2020, and may develop to be priced higher over time.

Please get in contact about futher Sliding Scale Rates.

Sliding-scale rates only apply if you have been in contact with me via email and we landed on an agreement.


In-person sessions with me are a fixed price and are payable via invoice with Bank Transfer after the session. Cash is also accepted.

Invoice are sent out within the month.

For International online sessions with new clients, I ask please for advance payment to secure the session time.


I do not work with One on One sessions on the concept of exchange. The Spirits say No. I keep checking and they have not changed their mind so far. I have a feeling that will be me for life. Sorry!

I understand the need for wellness that exists outside of the economical system, and thats why I focus on being accessible in other ways, through community building and maintaining, where you can acess me as a friend and colleague without the intense One on One psychic labour. Usually I have some kind of project going, shared on instagram stories, please feel invited to join and co-create.


For session cancellations prior to 48 hours ahead no fee is charged. 

Session Cancellations/time changes under 48 hours ahead of our scheduled time in many cases need to billed - as in most cases I need to cover my preparation time. This goes case by case. Its not as detrimental for repeat clients but for new clients this is important.

Session cancellations/time changes under 24 hours ahead of our scheduled time will be charged at a suggested 50 EUR (sliding scale), especially for new clients where a deeper preparation & email exhange has been made. This includes anyone who received a Voucher.

In order to keep the praxis sustainable - and due to the psychic nature of the work, it would overload me if I did not recognise the preparation time. For most deep works, I do not book more than one client per day. And if I dedicate a day to seeing more than one client, I start preparing my receptiviy & energy reserves already 72-48 hrs in advance.

Within Sacred Economy the financial value is a mutual and processual conversation, so if this is unreachable for you please let me know, perhaps suggesting an achievable amount, but last minute cancellations do need to be recognised.

The monetary value of the sessions is also a relevant space for Shadow Work. If you are coming up against a situation of having to cancel and reschedule many times, or are prioritising a certain aspect of life over another, this could be relevant for us to look at in the sessions.

There are exceptions for cancelling when the situation is a Life Emergency.


For Course content, all sales are final.

For On-Demand content, all sales are final.

I reserve the right to choose with who I work with and in which capacity we can work also for online spaces and on demand classes.


Humans in the position of not being able to afford a [month-long or similar durational] course, especially who are black, indigenous, of color, queer, trans, non-binary, intersex +, neurodiverse or differently abled are able to apply for scholarship by emailing mail @ sarah martinus . com, letting me know why having a scholarship spot would be important for you right now for your personal growth or professional growth, and why in particular you are drawn to my work and methodology.

I will be really happy when more people who actually want access can have it.


For Shamanic Sessions, ritual work that is made has an instant effect. Time is a human perception only and not something linear that the Spirit world lives by! Usually one or a grouping of sessions for repeated work is enough to instigate some transformation.


For Shadow Work, Depth Containment, and Decentralisation/Decolonialising, the process is longer term.
Time is important for cognition, somatic emotional digestion, recontextualisation and also for the projections to arise within our co-created gaze / relationship!  Please do not expect from yourself that a process of deep healing would be acheiveable in under 6 months. That does not mean you would need to come in every week, but perhaps once a month.

Self exploration and Dreamwork is a process that can become a self-care system for the spiritual realm to take with you for life. For this work, an introductory talk session is necessary to get acquainted and figure out if we see it fitting to work together on a longer term.

I can help you define clear wishes/intentions for set time periods as a package, if this helps you.

Sessions are made in person in Berlin, Neukölln when the situations allow, and on Zoom.
I can also make home calls for certain cases.


For an appointment or for more info, please mail : mail [at] sarahmartinus [dot] com




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