Every message we receive through our Bodies or our Psyche, and every relationship in our lives (and the state of our relationships) - our relationship even with reality itself - is a message from Ancestral Wisdom. 

Ancestral Wisdom is Experience, is gaze, is how we perceive Consciousness.
There would be nothing and no life without Ancestral Wisdom.
Ancestral Wisdom is the built up moments of experiences which become memory in the Collective Human Experience.

Some of memory is embedded into transient phenonema, and some of those are embedded into matter!
Yes, even the screen you are veiwing this page through, is built through Ancestral Wisdom.

We usually discuss Ancestral Wisdom in the context of Indigenous-Source Healing Techniques, but actually acknowledgeing Ancestral Wisedom is to see differently - to see through the eyes of an Earth Centered Cosmology - some have called it to ‘See through the eyes of The Sacred’, to see through ‘Universal Consciousness’. Our Gaze is always a reflection of our relational cosmology.


Our entire, ever flowing onwards, present moment is built on the building blocks of Ancestral Wisdom.

In this WITNESS & RITUAL PRAXIS we work on re-distributing POWER .

Power is inherent within what draws or affects Attention. 

We re-distrrubute Power through supporting our state of consciousness, as we move through the painful aspects of awakening, where we are becoming aware of where our Power is leaking or being given away.

In healing we boost ourselves towards the freeing aspects of reballancing Power and returning into flow.

This Praxis is one which centralises the Dark Receptive Energy Centre of your being and supports a passageway to The Unconsicous.
  This Praxis Cosmology understands that within The Unconsicous ‘is’ Source Energy, A Centre, The Balancing of The Tao.

We do not operate under an assumption that Source Energy is to be found orginating from The Light.
The Primordial Darkness births us.

Most often, considering the state of our societal bodies, and Earth, the messages we receive at the begining of an awakening moment or healing journey will be asking us to witness and care for ourselves in new, much deeper ways.

This can show up as suffering: dramatic life situations, severe or sudden loss, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, burn-outs, codependency and addictions, repeat relational dynamics ...or in our Artistic expressions, creative blocks, burnouts, anxiety, loss of Self. 

The coping mechanisms and conditionings we have are all encripted into patterns which came from and through Ancestors. Lineages who adaped through the many limitations of society and the systems they adapted to and through.

Within this practice we want to be moving the ‘negative’ content and transforming it into ‘food’ for the positive and helpful aspects of our Ancestry. We see ‘negative’ content as important to break the exterior hard algorithmic shell of what is to be a deeper, freeing process.

We transmute pain and suffering into health and wealtth by giving it as offerings and learning how to bow our Head, open our Heart, to Great Mystery.


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