'In the midst of
an artistic creation process, the fear of not being able to find the writing language needed for my audiovisual work evaded me.

We conducted a Ritual Session with Sarah, the drums shook my body and mind, allowing me to access a half-sleep state.

During the ritual, I was able to navigate through imagined spaces and have new perceptions that helped me access exploratory realms for future writing work.

The drums and the sound of different instruments used during the ritual facilitated a space for play and letting go, so necessary in creative processes.'

- P (no pronoun), Artist, Filmmaker.
Artist in Process Session, 2024

“Sarah is a
deeply insightful being.
The session we had together opened doorways to sensation and emotion that I had trouble opening alone.
I'm really grateful for the time we spent together.”

- Adrienne Teicher, (she/her) Transfeminine Sound and Embodied Performance Artist, 2023

‘Sarah’s Sense Of Timing Is Directly In Sync With the Heart Of the Cosmos
I Believe This is the Gift Sarah Has With the Listening Arts
The Empathic
Relational & Compassionate Crafts
Sarah Is Devoted Too & Devours the Issues
The Traumas
The Subjects
The History
The Stories Of All Life
Here On Earth Mother
Moving Through Father Sky
Flowing In the Sacred Waters & Beyond
I Felt Safe Co Creating With Sarah...
I Highly Encourage Any Member Of Humanity & Galactic Citizen to Venture With Sarah
Whether It Is Spiritual, Mental, Emotional,
Or Body Sound & Frequency Scapes’

- S (she/her) Artist, Musician, Activist
Ritual Co-Creator, 2023

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