One on One Counsel & Rituals
~ Empathic Liberation ~
Artist-Focused / Multi Medium
Systemic Golden Shadow Work

~ Trauma-Informed & Sensitive ~




Witness Session 1,5 Hr+
80 Euro 
+ Sliding Scale

This 1,5 Hour supports us to crossover into liminal shamamic work in-session interwoven with talking. We do this through a flow-state active meditation where ritual weaves in to our discussions.

Dreamwork / compassionate self-analysis with a focus on witnessing trauma / Shadow Integration / Empapthy Skill building and tool kits / Re-orbiting / Supporting deep healing.

Empowerment Shadow Work - Golden-Shadow Focused

(I send a session breakdown after, where Psycho-Magic Acts are usually passed on to make at home.)


Check in / Offload / Tune up!

These sessions are for contuing your awakening journey with me on a more regular basis.

Shadow and Golden Shadow continuation work
Dreamwork, Mini-Ritual, Somatic Work, Voiceworks,
Psychomagic Act + Dance, Meditation.




Ritual [Shamanic] Session 2Hr+
120 Euro
+ Sliding Scale

This deeper session supports us to discuss a deep intention and then set it into motion. This session is great for deep transformation.

45 min to talk + 45 min deep dive + recalibration time, sharing.

Divination, Deep Relaxation, Deep Abstract Integration, Receiving Support for the Body and Central Nervous System, Energetic Cleaning, Power Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Rebalance, Spirit Animal Retrieval, Deep Empowerment and Re-Programming Work, PsychoPomp.

(I send a session breakdown after, where Spirit Animal and Psycho-Magic Acts are passed on to make at home.)

Working in Ritual has instant affect.
Be prepared to take some days off to recallibrate!
Ideally we need 4 days to reset the tao!


This session is the deepest I offer, which is the reason of the 4 hr duration.

Constellation is taken in an active journey by the client and with the client leading, within Integrative States of Consciousness [trance/altered states], focused on inner constellation and expression/re-routing, with me holding space with chanelling, sound and presence.

45 min to talk + 2 HR deep dive + recalibration time, sharing.

This is for expressing stuck or deep / recoccuring emotional content, from a process which is a ‘parts -witnessing’ process, in a 100% safe space, fully resourced by Spirit and Supportive Energy.
We could be focusing on a Family Constellation, Inner Child Constellation or an experience of travelling outside of timelines to heal certain wounds [ ie: outside of this lifetime ] - depending on where we are taken by Spirit.

(I send a full high quality mp3 sound recording afterwards)





Lets Rotate Around & Through Your Art Objects Together in the Liminal Spaces. Mediate the Intentions, Relations and Shadows within them. We find Lost Wisdom through Ancient Methods and discuss the technicalities, wellbeing and existence of your work.

This session is for Sound Artists, Writers, Poets, Installation Artists, Filmmakers, Dancers, Performers, Painters, to Hone Their Craft in Chanelling, Intuition & Intellect in context to Creative Works.

Artists Session 2 Hr+
120 Euro
+ Sliding Scale

For More Abstraction & Lyrical Channelling of Specific Elements of a project I offer 3 HRS+ Durational Drumming (Trance) Sessions.

This Mentoring In Arts session supports projects mid-way in the perhaps uncomfortable, weird or doubting stage, to recieve full trust and groundedness to continue.

The Self of the Art Work is enquired into -
What is the psychic body of this Art?
Why is it in relation to the Artist?
How is it asking to be carried into being?
How can the Artist carry it?

The Genius in Creativity takes a toll on the psyche - Creativity always has a cost as it borne through our Wounds. Through determination, the need to communicate with the World, and obession - when we are threatened at times, to be personally obliterated by our Arts - and squeezed by the limitations of the material plane - We need balance, navigation, clarity and resources, in this process!

The preparation of this session includes email exchanges about your project and working methods.

45 min to talk/listen and preview your project + 45 min deep dive, experimentations, chanelling or play + 30 mins recalibration time, sharing.

Divination, Soul Retrieval Through Art Creation, Deep Empowerment and Re-Programming.

For Sound Art - Ableton, Electro Accoustic & Analoge Electronic
Tech set up in the Studio includes Soundcraft Efx8, Monitors, Sound Card,  2x instrumental compression mics.


Every message we receive through our Bodies or our Psyche, and every relationship in our lives (and the state of our relationships) - our relationship even with reality itself - is a message from Ancestral Wisdom. Most of the messages we receive at the begining of an awakening or healing journey will be painful and asking us to witness and care for ourselves in new, much deeper ways.

This can show up as dramatic life situations, severe loss, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, dysfunctional relationships, burn-outs, codependency and addictions ...or in our Artistic expressions.

Our entire present moment is built on the building blocks of Ancestral Wisdom.
In a WITNESS & RITUAL PRAXIS we work on re-distributing POWER ( what draws attention ).
We do this through supporting our state of consciousness as we move through the painful aspects of awakening and healing, and boost ourselves towards the freeing aspects.

This praxis is one which centralises the Dark Receptive Energy Centre of your being and supports a passageway to The Unconsicous, with the understanding that within The Unconsicous is Source Energy, A Centre, The Balancing of The Tao.


I offer an analytical-psycho-spiritual approach with focus onto creativity, intuition and soul healing through giving space for complex relational systems. My approach asks for equal responsibility be taken by us personally and equal responsibility be carried by society, system, and our community. In saying this - I do my best to offer a developing post-colonial, non pathologist, non-hyper-individualised and non-heirarchical gaze. We are all a product of networks-of-relationship. The true return of the Dark Receptive Energy Centre (YIN), is tied with the return of the Divine Feminine to Her rightful place in Balance and the acknowledgment of Spirit within Matter (Somatics).

I see World-Soul intertwined with our own Souls, through the nervous system, and thus having an impact on our psychic health. How is our connection to the Astral Grid and the Womb of our Realities?

My style of Shadow Work is specifically focused on Alchemical Power Integration and Sovereignty, cleaning up our Empathy centres for maximum self-love, self-forgiveness, and to receive power back through rejuvenation, with special attention to water wisdom.

My underlying cosmology for psyche stems from a broad array of varying metaphysical depth models, and trauma-informed care : various ‘psychic’ models and practices [ earth wisdom-based ] / core-shamanic model, Tantric-Tao shadow work, Jungian [depth/archetypal psychology] - where Mind-Body-Spirit is accepted as one organism which seeking initiation and balance.

I have studied multiple practices: Depth Psychology, Myth, Archetypal Psychology [+ Dreamwork], Naturopathy, Core Shamanism, Ancestral Healing, Ubuntu Theory, Water Wisdom, Taoism, Tantric Alchemy, Intra-Psychic, Channelling, Sound Healing, Process Art, Art in Public Space, Embodiment +++ I also had 7+ years in my own process of Jungian psycho-analysis, reading a wide array of case studies from Jungian Analytic text, also studying as a Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapie) (Psychological Naturopath).

I would be overjoyed to welcome you in the Studio/Praxis to begin session work.


There’s a lot of info here for you to check out the sessions in detail.

All rates are sliding scale - All praxis work is inclusive and especially *for* BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, or differently-abled folk.



4 Sessions, booked at two-three week intervals.

[ 1 x 1,5 hr Witness Talk, 1 x Constellation Active Excavation 3hr+, 1 x Witness talk drop-in, 1 x Shamanic Ritual 2hr. ]

Shadow, Golden Shadow + Soul Level - Trauma Sensitive Constellation, Expression + Integration Work  / 101 Pack
The order of sessions can be decided in our first 1,5 hour sitting, based on flow.

You have access to deep de-conditioning and soul healing work over a three month capsule of time.
We will be able to transform some really deep set programming for good and shift you into a new grid!
The whole time over the three months we share a private discord channel as a container for your dreams and psychic development.

380 Euro [ 100 +/- Euro Discount ]




Working with both witnessing & ritual is a deep, powerful & supportive process.

My passion is to help others find their own tools for constellation, expansion, interconnection & inner power through self knowledge, empowerment, acceptance, self compassion & mercy.

Looking forward to our work together,
+++ Courage & Spirit +++



“The tension of the future is unbearable in us. It must break through narrow cracks, it must force new ways....

There is only one way, and that is your way: there is only one salvation, and that is your salvation....

What is to come will be created in you and from you.

Hence - look into yourself. Do not compare, do not measure.

No other way is like yours....

You must fulfil the way that is in you.”

~ C.G.J.


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