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On becoming an Unbreakable Shapeshifter  who joyfully defies boundaries, genres & mediums...

Who we really are & our real creativity power has nothing to do with pre-existing norms or expectations.

Real crativity knows no genre limitation. Real creativity does not even ‘exist’ in a form... It’s energy.

Creativity, psychic creativity is about transgressing the old taboo & birthing the new, it’s always new, never seen before.... and our empathy is here to make that inner evolution into reality - through our hearts.

Our hearts are the creativity centres of our being and are responsible for creating our entire realities. 

If we acknowledge the deepest, most broken aspect of our heart, as the community heart who seeks to belong - we can become an unbreakable being.

But we live in systems of limitation which come in from the outside gaze. The limiting gazes of how we are seen in the intra-psychic grid can be shuffled & transformed. 


Not having the Yin [queer dark] represented externally in our culture has created a big gap, which plays out in our energy bodies.

There's a missing ability to see & feel our own identity and Self truly, deeply.

No one is really acknowledging that our community hearts have been broken - because there is a bypass going on.

This is also about the denied power of the Great Mother, under Patriachial times. And the denied power of the Dark, under colonial times. This is all reflected in our community heart and what we are searching for: Belonging.

We can’t really create with full power and be the leaders we will need to be - until that heart is healed.

How the Broken Commmunity Heart Shows Up:

We cannot feel who we are. We are scared of feeling. We avoid feeling.

We easily loose ourselves enmeshed in others.

Our own power is illusive, it has most likely been feared and turned into "Taboo" at some point.

We have a habit of demonising our own feelings, co-opting our own vital anger, beating ourselves up with it.

We have no real accurate mirroring going on, which is about witness and holding.

To what or whom do we belong?


Instead of not belonging anywhere, to noone’s experience - when we do the inner work of Ancestral Healing, our hearts start to belong to everything and everyone, not to ourselves... 

We go as wide & deep as we can, opening, opening, opening, in order to be accountable to what that really means. Instead of being ambiguous, we are multiple.


In claiming ALL of where we are from -

To our Mother Earth is where we start to belong, fully.

We become space holders for witnessing all beings of Mother Earth, as diverse.

We search for our heart only to find it belongs to every one’s experience.

We can acknowledge the diversity & differences of everything & still can find / feel responsible and powerful enough to speak for even the experiences and perspectives we dont ourselves understand fully.

- and that kind of work seems easy, but it is not... Takes awareness of triggers and a lot of awareness about intersectionality, and reflection and feeling into the experinces of how it might feel to be everyone and everything.

Its a constant process -
We are big enough to own it, because we grieve it, carry it, dance it. We have it all within us, within shadow, light & dark.

The deepest healing of our communal heart dissolves avoidance of the taboo and promotes claiming.

Over all of the hopes dreams and shortcomings of our ancestry - We claim the power to make amends and to feel through all sides - transforming our own inhereited taboos with emotion and freeing creativity. We can step up.

It claims back the power to really stand for diversity. 

The process:

1. Anchor a deep psychic vessel.

2. Alchemise courage through accepting the truth about who you are and how you really feel. Read my blog articles on Emotion as Power, or Non-Binary-Feelings and Rage Transmutation. If you are feeling shame about how you feel, here is a Hack for Shame.

3. Continuing to sit & walk with topics, calling in Mercy & Grace - Quan Yin is a great helping Spirit for this.

4. Grieving & feeling it ALL, without self-censorship. Every day - Bring it to Water.

5. Embody your New Power. Flex it into your body. There is new space holding and witness capacity within you.


For anyone on a similar path of a life at the whims of identity-confusion with mixed ancestry: it is totally part of the process to put a boundary on the time spent into explaining, or being lost at sea in the cognition of anyone else, when you are on your own ancestral healing path.

This might be about setting some protective new - Intra-Psychic boundaries. We take our power back from being manifested non-central to our own story. Crystals, having an altar, and centering or grounding into your own space - your own vibe, your own aesthetic, your own voice, your own vision - is really important for that.

A fact:
No-one is going to show up one day to give us permission to claim our own lost Ancestry or our own Yin-Magic. Who gives us permission? Our Ancestors do. We do for ourselves. 

Only we ourselves can decide or claim who we are. We decide our own ethics, our own way. Our path is UNIQUE. We are all the future elders our world is needing.

Belonging to Mother Earth & the Heart of Community is a teaching from Sobunfu Somé of Dagara Culture, West Africa.

Luisah Teich of Haitian Vodou, French & Native American Wisdom, is the one who referenced for me, this process and practice of 'claiming it all'.



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