“When the time comes, bring it to WATER.”

- Malidoma Patrice Somé


There is a depth within us to which no one else can

There are experinces we each have that no amount of discussion and sharing will take away.

There are oppressions thrust upon individuals and huge states of loss which the humans around us will just not have the capacity to hold space for.

This place of depth within -

This is a spirit realm only.

When we are called into this realm,

We are searching for witness - the infinite witness.

We often seek this infinite witness, accidentally -
within other people, within substances, within endless
activities, within cover-up emotions and reactions.

We run away from this space.

Everything in our western culture is telling us to avoid this space.


But the point is.

What we experience in this space is 100% uniquely
formed for US and us alone.

It perfectly formed, just for us. And it is actually a


The depths have been gifted to us because they are
what we have to GIVE to Spirit as a way to invite Spirit


It is an offering of the deepest level - yes, a sacrifice...

In giving that gift ~ in giving away our deepest feeling,
our pain, by the way of love, into water ~ we sacrifice
the hurt ego for LOVE.

When we can access the depth within ourselves and
actively give away our suffering - that which we hold
so strongly onto - that which identifies us can

Dissolved into water - we allow our bodies to be
washed free from the inside out.



Sit yourself down inside a waterfall of crystal clear water.
Allow yourself to feel into where inside your body you feel stuck energy.
Allow this stuck energy to be manifest into a colour or shape.
Sit in that crystal clear waterfall and intentionall allow the water to wash into the space inside your body where that blockage is.
Stay there until the water washes the entire blockage away.
Fill every cell in your body with crystal clear waters.

Do this practice as regularily as possible.


This information I got into contact with through the
teachings of Malidoma Patrice Somé, who brought the
wisdom of the Dagara [Ghana, Burkina Faso] into
western culture.
The work he did is such a great source of power and
inspiration for me in art, in understanding how to
practice core-shamanic work in as much an authentic
way as possible, and in my own life.
Thank you Malidoma, RIP.

The meditation prompt came out of discussions and shares with my colleage Roberta Perzolla.


#griefwork #water #freedom #rejoice #love
#dagarateachings #coreshamanism


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