IN 2022 OFFERING #1: 

[not for beginners to healing trauma]





Intra*-sectional W/Health is for all humans not only those who would typically qualify as intersectional... All beings have been split in some way by lack. 

Also - I’m moving towards IntRA sectional, because I am discussing the potential space in between sections, also a reference to Karen Barad’s intra-action [agential fluid co-emergence].

A short video of me talking very very breifly about the core-mechanism of the energetic work - more videos to come.


The concepts in this work are deep.
I am in development of this at the moment [Sept-October] so this page is ‘a flag’ for those who are intersted...

This council will be a platform to share the current growth-edge of my/our understandings, intuitions and visions on healing, and empowerment.

This ‘course’ will develop into future works and on and on...


 The main point is that taking part includes building supportive community discussions and sharing with others who take part - because within community we receive examples of harmony in entropy [ie: communion].

An intensive conceptual and intuitive, psycho-spirituality-based study group for :

- Healers who want to deepen their work with the metaphysical.
- Artists, performers, dancers, musicians, painters.
- Sacred Entrepreneurs.
- All humans who want to get deep into developing their personal energy practcies in relation to current societal shadows : patriachy, capitalism, and digital age.


This course will be particularly for conversations on healing and powering up, and becoming a masterful creator in touch with your personal energy.

This council is not for the faint of heart - we are here to dig into the depths of our own darkness and come out the other side fortified by gold.

It’s not a “beginners course” - the people who will benefit the most from this are already healing.

Please email me to holding a ‘in-interest’ spot for the Beta-Test round.
[This course is paid, but will be discounted for the Beta-Testing group who join me first.]

All content will be hosted in an online setting, we will have one video each week to digest a certain topic and live Q+A each week to discuss the themes. I’ll be present mostly daily in the chat online group to respond to questions and support shares too.

Ritual works will be woven in.

I am still figuring out the details, so will update this page once I have decided the content, order and duration of the first round...
[Its an intuitional flow hence my semi-announcement.]


When we have 8-12 people who have emailed me to sign up, and I have the content sorted - we will begin the course!

... Lets do it! 



I’ve spent close to 8+ years intentionally studying for this and working with my own energetic transformation work which was always merged with art expression for about 20+ years.

I’ve poured my way through books, classes, dreams, journeys.

It’s all coming out through this work, a wellspring of flowing information, straight from my open heart to empower you and your work, and to strengthen your message to the world - as much as possible!


With fierce love, and I look forward to see who is interested when I drop the class info…

Sarah M

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