How can we achieve 'Unity' within 'Diversity' if these concepts are seemingly opposite?

What can I do, when I experience more than one single truth?

How can I integrate opposite or contrasting fragments/elements of my Self, who seem at odds with one another?

How can I view dissonant thoughts - especially ones that appear after experiencing trauma - as raw potential for my own transformation and power?

How can I view others, who are split or suffering, without pity, but with *respect*, as whole, tranformational beings? 


Of course when we are in a truly transformational age, everything is dissonant on the surface.

Yet, within the idea of “broken" we call forth wholeness also - there is no broken part of anything, without simultaneously defining the whole.

Energy evolves through creation and destruction, it is our true wholeness that remains the ever present constant.

All that appears broken is illusion. It shows simply what in this age, is being transformed.


True transformation occurs in the real unknown - in the real chaos feild. Where contradiction lives and there is only rapid change - no stasis at all, yet complete serenity. The primordial fire of the cosmos.

The presence of this ultimate paradox is the third option, presented only when an expansion of consciousness allows to experience the sacred. △

This sacred exists within everyday life, yet many of us cannot grasp it as it remains fertile space of the un-manifested.

That does not mean it doesn't exist, it is just always 'coming into being'. Raw potential for creation.

As soon as it is realised in this physical reality, in the way we understand and experience things, the sacredness seems to disappear, unless you train your eyes to see magic -> all potential, all the time.

Unity within diversity does exist as the 

constant raw potential,

 within non duality.



We are aware of the fragmentations and disconnections inherited through the systems of oppression and imballance we find our society, our planet and ourselves within.

There is so much new conciousness about the broken system and the broken aspects of ourselves and eachother.

Sometimes all one can see is what is broken!

Coming to the surface are so many stories and realisations of inherited greif, inhereited disempowerment and inherited fragmentation - splitting caused by violence, shame, fear and guilt, fuelled by unworthiness and missing soul.

But what is broken is NOT the whole story.

Perhaps the state that we find our selves in, the psychic narratives that have developed deep grooves in our thinking and synapses are not as dissonant as we imagine?

What would it mean for this collective state of trauma and psychic fragmentation, if this constant raw potential we speak of as being a part of real transformation, is and was always there?

What if, within an acceptance of being broken and at odds with ourselves, we also accepted that our current state was an expression of new wholeness coming into being?

During experiening psychic growth that comes hand-in-hand with healing of trauma, we need these anchors to remind ourselves of this unity. 

A simple affirmation for travelling through times of intense transformation, leaving the shore of the known:

“I witness myself in my wholeness.”

I experience myself in my wholeness - and in turn when I allow that of myself I allow that of others : I experience you in your wholeness.


To have the capacity to see all beings in their wholeness, is to be able to see the *raw potential* of newness, chaos and creativity in the broken, and in everything and everyone.

That is part of what it means to develop an eye to “see with the eyes of the sacred”**[Susan Mokelke] - A part of accessing non-duality and multiplicity of being, an enlisting our inner visionary - to view things in opposites.


Enlisting our inner visionary and releasing of inner resistance is commendable self-work.

We most often cannot do this for ourselves during great periods of transformation of our own psyche, there needs to be a lot of time and space given to digesting oppositional parts - most often our fragments are seemingly at odds with eachother and the inner resistance needs to be released. This means travelling to them and greeting them in their current state, enquiring into them, what do they need and what are they asking of us?

The further we need to travel to meet these diverse parts, the more stability we will need bekoning and anchoring us back home into our bodies and into our healthy ego.

We need another being who is able to see us in our wholeness at all times, in order to anchor us and assist us with our navigation system - to be calling our names back to us at the gate, so we know where and how to come back home into our new authentic selves.

Compassionate companionship is what dissociated psyche needs in order to find homebase.

This is the point of presence counselling and the growth of the psychic container by shamanic practitioners and depth analysists and what is given to each individual in sessions in praxis work.


Jan 2021

**’Seeing with the eyes of the sacred’ is a beautiful notion spoken by Susan Mokelke, Director of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (USA) 2020, when she spoke and shared wisdom in ‘Shamanism and Digitalisation 2.0’, Conference of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, hosted and directed by Roland Urban, 2020.

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