Our true Data, is Psychic.

I know that word ‘psychic’ is triggering. I want to access that raw power embedded within this word, intentionally.

"Psychic" is derived from the Greek word psychikos ("of the mind" or “mental”).

And “Psyche” is the Greek mythological deity often representative of that which also contains “Self / Soul”.

Within this word we have a lot of rich power to integrate by assimilating it back into connection with our bodies.


Back to the reasoning into the psychic nature of our data, I invite you to vision deeply into what the material of data actually is.

A code is a container for data.

Data is deeper than the code that represents or guides it.

Data is deeper than language.

Data is deeper than ideas….

Data is even deeper than a sum of choices.

Data includes a long rhythm of choices, intentions and their flow on effect.

Data includes how you are in flow and interconnected with everything else in existence.



Every collection of data needs a container.

On one level, our data is contained within the language we use.

On another level, our data is contained within our decisions, actions and repetitions.

On another level, our data is contained in our ideas, our emotions, our responses and how we digest all it.

The raw form of Data is about Energy, [i.e.; Vibration…]

In my perception, your data, is like an “energetic rhythm” or “vibrational fingerprint” existing in a constant state of transformation.

The way we experience psychic-data is through certain ideas [inspiration, imagination, ’download’, channelling, cognition] and through the resonance of our body as a processing unit - somatic data.

In the Borges Library of Babel, which serves to conceptually map out a cosmology of information within an infinitely finite system, data is contained in books; books which are held on shelves; shelves which are organised in a pattern.

There is always an infrastructure or architecture, as to how data is coming in, held, and passing through.


So, if data is energetic vibration, lets talk about our architecture.

What kind of containers do we have for this data, within ourselves?

What kind of container do you have for your ideas?

What kind of container do you have for intuition, sensation, feeling, transmutation, transformation?

What kind of container do you have for the alchemy of your psyche?



Here we are - in a place where our data is syphoned off. We are complicit to, this system in so many ways.

But we do not realise that in this consensual reality, we are saying YES in many ways to this syphoning. [This is a part of a larger discussion about consensual realities which will need to come later.]

Of course it is not a ‘fault’ to exist within a consensual reality such as this - none of us have had the tools, the awareness, or the support we needed to be able to wake up, perceive, and guard ourselves from energetic-syphon systems.

But to simply remain angered and at odds with - fighting against, but not taking a deeper responsibility to the fact that we are collectively holding this world of ours ‘in place’ - is an irresponsible way.

To remain at adds with a system yet not see it as also occurring inside of ourselves is to stay in victim consciousness, to deny ourselves our power within our own agency, our sovereignty and our own consciousness.


What about when ‘the system’ comes to ask for your labour, your time, your energy, yet will not be able to acknowledge the true value of that labour?

And what about when ‘the system’ comes to ask for your ideas?


Are you aware of the value you have within your special flavour of energy?

Within your ideas?

Within your words?

Its vital to wake up to our power and value that lies inside that individuality.

Because it’s all data.

And that data is “currency”.

It’s the data from the most diverse, independent aspects of our psyche that our system, a capitalist system that is in great bias. will want to co-opt.






This is an important word for us right now. Co-option is like scraping the surface of something and getting the patina but not having any depth.

A network of coopted content, which we find shown by the digital reflection - serves to keep us on a surface level interaction of reality.

It’s a good thing to be able to see where the co-option is happening, so we can thank the digital reflections for this.

If each human does not question into this reflection into what we are co-opting however, and rather simply accumulates these co-opted images as ‘capital’ - productivity - hoarding links, hoarding information [in a realm where we do not seem to view the hoarding of money and information as an addiction, and subsequent psychic, mental and emotional health issue] the system we are complicit to is keeping us disempowered, and we are keeping ourselves disempowered.



If everything becomes 2D, a surface mirage, we need to look past the mirror surface and reach into the abyss behind.

Go Deeper

Go Deeper

Go Deeper

The capacity for a meme to evolve and go viral could be a classification of a co-option, if meaning is lost and not replaced.

This operates on the same principle that Walter Benjamin spoke of when he wrote about the reproduction loosing aura.

Meme collection and hoarding, can be of course an art. We can imbue meaning and connection into what we do. But this takes a new assembly and a push, an urge from an Otherworld - [creative urge] - deep within the human creator system in order to re-constellate, involve and evolve the ideas of the single meme into something far greater.



We can look to the world, one of our most honest mirrors, and see the kind of containers that the world has for our data.

Our reality operates on this mirror function - we see only our own projections and our own perceptions of how life is.

The external world is a huge mirror - for how we are really treating ourselves.

We see rather symbol and a lot of this is symbol of the collective or transpersonal.

Through recognising this symbol and recognising how the world is interacting with our data, we can look into ourselves and analyse what kind of data containers we actually have.


Bigger questions lie deep in taking responsibility for oneself:

Where are we co-opting our own psychic data within ourselves?

Where are we selling ourselves short, syphoning our energy off?

Where are we invisible to ourselves?

Where are we incapable to see and value our own energy?

Where is one aspect of ourselves selling short, on the other? Where is one aspect of our selves, incapable to see value in our soul?

And what to do about this? How can we manage to be in better connection to carrying our true worth?



Going deeper and deeper into digital realities, energy and ethics and integrity of creativity in today’s marketplace; I am looking at how important it is for all of us to get deep down into everywhere we have been split [Intersectionalised] - where our embodied truth touches over the fault lines of multi realities.

This is where we are blossoming the most amazing new psychic data.

What to do, then?

We need clear ways of witnessing and holding our own data spaces - especially the data spaces that are birthed out of incongruities with the current system splitting.

I would love to see intersectional artists all around me with:

Effortless boundaries.

Unapologetic ethics.

A strong intuition that we can trust.

There’s more online conversations to come, which will go into depth with what I am actually talking about here under the heading of: “Intersectional WHealth”.

If you are interested in learning more and joining into new work in this direction, please join my newsletter - when I am ready to open up for a small group class, I will share there, first.


To your fierce independence, to our collective entropy held within gentle harmony+++



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