Live, Performance, Action, Radio, Collective Experiences, Exhibitions:

5th June 2018, 20th March 2018, 17th April 2018, Lambda Radio, Cashmere Radio, Berlin.

4th February 2018 / Spirit Casual, Swarm Aninimism Happening / CTM Hacklab - The Hacked Mind Residency / HAU 2, Berlin

27th Janurary 2018, CONSUMER REFUND, Hybrid/Live, Borshch / Blender Studios, Berlin.

22nd September 2017, OHM Berlin, Consumer Refund / (Live / Hybrid) / Patterns of Perception

18th August 2017, WITCH RAVE, CONSUMER REFUND (Live), Treptow Insel, Berlin

13th August 2017, Sound Journey: EXCERPTS FROM SYLVIA PLATH's UNABRIDGED DIARIES, Cashmere radio, Akkamiau, Sarah Martinus, part 1.

June 2017, The Shadow Theatre of Tarot, The Fools Journey, 48 hour Neukolln, Berlin. (Live Sound, Aktion/Performance)

28th Janurary, 2017,  Queer Healing Berlin, CONSUMER REFUND, Dreamworking Private Sessions, TRIQ Berlin.

18th November, 2016, Bad Conscience, CONSUMER REFUND, (Live), Loophole, Berlin

11th May, 2016, C-R Exhibition / Consumer Refund Workshop Facilitation: Imagination Language; Paint Session, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

September 2015, The Fools Journey, At.tension Festival, Costume Design, Production and Performance Support, Laerz, Germany.

25th October 2012, Come a Little Closer, ScreenSpace Gallery, Exhibition 25/10/12 - 17/11/12, Melbourne, Australia.

May 2012, Live Aktion + Video, The Club, Berlin.

21st July 2012, Slut Walk SOLI Party, Video and Performance, P.H.A.T. , //about:blank// , Berlin.

29th June 2012, Kids Art Workshop, Sommerwerkstatt, Weisenburg, Berlin.

May 2012, Video Art Screening, The Club, Berlin.

NYE 2011, Live Aktion, Bunker, Voegelchen, Berlin,

October 2011, Live Aktion collaboration with Hedi Mohr, Monster Ronsons Ichiban Kareoke, Berlin.

September 2011, Live Aktion + Video, Angry Inch, Monster Ronsons Ichiban Kareoke, Berlin.

March 2011, TSS Rebirth, Underground Arts Park, Collingwood, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Australia.

... 2010, Sustainable Living Festival, TSS RE-MIX WORKSHOP, Federation Square, Melbourne Australia.

31st Dec 2010, REMIX+REMAKE Workshops - Sustainable Costume. Peats Ridge Music Festival, Australia.

... 2010, Endarkenment, Costume Design and Production, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australia.

... 2010, Solipsis, Spill Collective, Costume Design and Production, fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne, Australia.

... 2010, objects exhibition, Discobeans Melbourne + Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide Australia.

... 2010, UNwearables Performance+Costume, The Order of Melbourne, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne, Australia.

... 2009, Dark matter, Spill Collective, Federation Square Atrium, Melbourne.

... 2009, The Wayward Fold, L'Oreal Fashion Festival Cultural Program.

... 2008, Unwearables, Exhibition, The Projects Gallery, 2008

... 2008, Hand to Mouth, Interactive Dinner Performance, Meat Markets, North Melbourne.

... 2008, Phat & friends, Loop Bar, Meyers Place, Melbourne.

... 2008, Mixed Tape, RMIT Graduation Show, Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival.
Publication / + some press:

26th July, 2018, CDM; What culture ritual will be like in the age of AI..,

2nd August, 2017 / Patterns of Perception - A chat with Consumer Refund: Dreams, Art, Music + Gender

1st April, 2016 / Bpigs Berlin "Have you met.... Aether"

2007-2009, Pia Ednie-Brown (ed) Plastic Green: designing for environmental transformation; RMIT University Press 2009

Facilitated / Curated Projects:

19th July 2016, PS#13: Davide Luciani, Aether, Berlin.

12th July 2016, PS#12: Hysteria, Aether, Berlin.

5th July 2016, PS#10: DuPhaux, Aether, Berlin.

28th June 2016, PS#09: NO FRILLS, Aether, Berlin.

27th May - 7th June 2016, Curation: Exhibtion: Device : Space : Unknown : , Bea Stach and Bram Kuypers, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

29th April - 10th May 2016, Curation: Iguana Begeistert, Ann Dunham, Solo Show w/ Live: Bubblebeth, BlueStork , Aether Gallery, Berlin.

3rd May 2016, Private Session #6: Laika Jona, Aether, Berlin.

15th - 26th April 2016, Curation: Deep Time; Christian Sawalski, Solo Show, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

1st April- 12th April, 2016, Curation/Production: : Kosmos : Lunar Reflections: , Group Show w/ artists: Henrieke Hanemann, Frank J. Schaepel, Katrin Euller, Roberta Perzola, Leonor Beuter, DJ sets: Hyenaz, Sanctuary, Aether Gallery, Berlin.

29nd March, 2016, Private Session #5: Luis Vasquez (The Soft Moon), Berlin.

22nd March, 2016, Private Session #4: Andreas Mann (POP), Aether, Berlin.

15th March, 2016, Private Session #3: blank_city, Aether, Berlin.

8th March, 2016, Private Session #2: Tom Page (RocketNumberNine), Aether, Berlin.

23rd Feb, 2016, Private Session #1: Hyenaz, Aether, Berlin.

29th Jan - 30th Jan 2016, Producer: Inner Landscapes, w/ Artist Lisa Stewart, DJ: Paul Kav, Aether, Berlin.

30th June 2012, SommerWerkstatt, Video Art / Performance Curator, Weisenburg, Berlin.

... 2010, UNwearables Performance+Costume, The Order of Melbourne, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne, Australia.

Education // 

Pyschotherapuetic Heilpraktitioner-in-training, ChristophMahr Institute, Berlin, Germany, 2018.

Core Shamanic practicer-in-training, workshop-based, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, 2015 - ongoing.

Dreamworking, Archetyal Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, Akash, Soul / Spiritual guidance counsellor-in-training, 2015 - ongoing.

B.A. of Design (Hons.1), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2004-2008.

CV //

Studio Manager
Project Management, PR, Communication, Logistics:
Studio Robert Henke, 2015 - 2018

Latest Project : June 8th 2018, From Witihin... , Ensemble intercontemporain, Cite de la Musique, Paris, France.

Admin / Communication / Design :
female:pressure, volunteer, 2016 - current

Context / Writing :
Studio Deniz Kurtel / The 5th House, 2018

Gallery + Cockail Bar
Dark music and Conceptual Art
Pannierstrasse, Berlin Neukoelln, 2015

Designer / Mentor, Assistant Studio Management:
The Social Studio
Melbourne,  2011

Artist Assistance, Boo Chapple + Adele Varcoe
Hand to Mouth performance, 2008