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Getting Clear on Words:

 Words, alone, can be the catalyst to split and open new portals into totally new power and new grids.

Before we can really demystify words they might trigger us.

They trigger us because we have archetypical associations and complex primal energy wrapped around what they mean.

So they have become of “mystical" origin to us, and perhaps present themselves to us in dreams/the waking dream, as overwhelming, distant, disgusting, scary, demonic, or daimonic forces.


Even if we do not “believe” in the mystical - which perhaps we view as fairy tales, witches, taken at face value - this is different. The mystical exists, playing out an associative charge within psyche because it simply exists in our evolutionary story.


Does the word “Spirit” stir some feelings?

If it’s triggering/activating something, it is a sign that we have projection material to look into and thus, power to gain.


When I began journeys into Core Shamanism I heard the word “spirit” and a voice in my mind, not originating from me, but rather channelled - a reductive voice - shouted “Nonsense!”.

Discerning into the layers from where that voice truly comes from is the work of de-coding SPIRIT as INFORMATION. 


Spirit is information that moves and information that has flavour.


Information is within everything, it is fluid, held within experience - of the body.

Within vision, information is symbolic, with all our associations a part of the flavour and message, because the message is partly personal and partly collective.


What about “ENERGY” and how is that related to “SPIRIT”?


The word ‘energy’ is another with such a broad range of meanings over so many cultures and practices, (which seems to, at least for me, simultaneously dilute and strengthen the potency of the word).

I prefer to understand energy as a whole language

- words cross over, as can see by the earlier mention of “Spirit = Information” and the crossover we now have with

“Energy = Information that Moves”.


What’s different about energy is that it always leads to an expression in frequencies or electromagnetic field.

[Maybe you’ve watched Qi masters on youtube channelling electric charges through their hands, igniting paper into smouldering fires…]


Energy practice is not necessarily belonging to shamanic divination or shamanic healing or core shamanism.

If you go learn at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies you will not learn about energy per se.
Because in shamanic work, we work with Power, but more on that later. - Check out the article “Emotion as Power”.


Perhaps the word “Energy” [Qi, Prana, Life Force] belongs more to practices that emerged after the most ancient of Shamanic practices.


Defined areas such a Reiki, Shamanic Reiki, Tao Hands, Qi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, all kinds of Acupuncture, Sound Healing Modalities, the list goes on… Amongst so many other systems… Yogic, Vedic, Tantric…

- I do not assume to be able to grasp all of these variations in all in my lifetime!


Regardless of which practice, if we are talking about levels of perception reality - the energetic is said to be one layer deeper (or higher, however you vision it) than the physical/material.

Resonance and expansion - Generative or de-generative frequencies.

Vibration meeting vibration. Contrasting frequencies, flowing frequencies.

Energy is a mass of vibration felt or perceived in the psychical.

It is that subtle body of ours that picks up on energy as moving information.


Your companion on pathways with eyes closed +++


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