Enquiries into Ceremonial Research


My research is made in both ordinary and non ordinary realities, embracing altered states of consciousness as valid access points to wisdom and embracing the sensorial body as truth teller of experience - a gateway to transpersonal and abstract realms.

The process for how ideas come about and how projects form as ‘finished’, is networked - Research topics flow on from one another with blurred or no boundary between them.

The structure of my research process is made through future(s)-focused ceremony praxis, which invites a collective of heart/minds together to learn and ask questions from multiple individual perspectives which further develops research participants relationships with their own spirit realms.

I share what I have as openly as possible by inviting research participants into a collective experience where each of our individual portals towards collective consciousness is valued.

We collect data from each participant who is willing to share with me their experiences, feeding back into the work, either as case study or backgrounding information on where our collective is ‘at’ with each topic.

Research participants are recognised as co-creators.


Seeking a non-dogmatic approach for artistic speculation, I open up current research projects as open-source ‘guides’, for other practitioners, [also reiki healers, or qi-gong practitioners, astral-travellers, crystal-cave inhabitants, yogi’s, dancers, painters, or otherwise] who have interest.

An authentic future focused shamanic way of being would be based on trusting dynamic, non-heirachical, hypernetworks of abundance - community.

Without being in dynamic interplay with one another’s creativity and desire, we cannot move our personal power into the world. It has nowhere to flow.

Having connection - resonating - being seen and in turn, seeing - expands our energy, supports our transformations and helps making ‘the impossible dream’, possible.


The most current research doc which was open source in 2020/21 was a deep dive into co-creating our relationships with digital spaces / social media from the project
Saya Soma: Shadow body in encoded system.

The last research ceremony made was online in 2021 - “Dance the Digital Waterfall” hosted by residency Zero Corners.

I also have an instagram channel which shares Open Source Research as much as possible, always with book references and many little side ‘projects’ growing - one in particular called #opensourcealtars

Previous to organising this structure in 2020, my prior research exchange was all about the unconscious realm - I made this by opening a portal over the website of Consumer Refund receiving anonymus dreams and responding with amplification between 2014 - 2019. I learnt a great deal about the state of our collective emotional content through that work which remains private due to promising anonymity to the participants.


︎︎︎ TOPICS &


- Liberation and Freedom Work, 2022. [Systemic Shadow Work + Grid Work]

- Hydro-Feminism, Grief, Collective Soul & Water-Healing / Water as our Way Home, Water as Life, 2020 - 2022+

- The Post [Digital] Human Body, & Core-Shamanic Practice and Digital Futures 2015 - 2022


Background Topics....

- Identity, Self-Perception, Instrospection, Fragmentation [+schizophrenia] of the Self - Body - Psyche: Trauma Soul, Ritual.

2014 - ongoing...

Maureen B Roberts
Ref: Ritual Distances Emotions

- Human Technology: Consciousness, Intuition, Creation, Compassion. [imballances in emotional dynamics: pity/compassion, guilt/selfconsciousness, doubt/trust]

- Capacity for Authenticity and Discernment in Navigating Multi-Realities

- Soul Retrieval, Psychomagick Act, and how this transforms Trauma in a non-dual way.
[Anti-resistance, wholeness]

Re-Visioning Soul Retrieval: The Spectrum of Active and Passive Healing in Shamanism and Jungian Psychotherapy by Maureen B. Roberts, Ph.D.

- Somatic Practices for Energy Resonance [Qi Gong, Structure & Flow]


- The Wounded Feminine / The Wounded Masculine / The Wounded Non Dual

- Hypnosis / Theta state.
[ Frequencies, Drum Patterns, Guided and active meditation journeys ]

︎︎︎Esoteric digital bank which began over at Consumer Refund. 

- 13+++ Astral Chakras / Earth Chakras / Embodiments of 5D / Whale  Dophin Mtrix, 2021-2022+




Collecting dreams since 2014 - over 35,000 dream-words archived.


This is a private archive and anyone is welcome to submit.

What are the current shared landscapes within dream images?

What can this tell us about collective shadows, spirit intrusions or power imballances [over-or under-abundance]?

What needs to be integrated here for greater collective consciousness?

How does that integration need to occur?

All of this is why I started to collect dreams in the archive.

CONSUMER REFUND - private Internet Dream Archive.

You may share your seemingly insignificant or blatantly significant dream with the archive.
All dreams big or small, silly or straight are equally important and welcomed.

In sharing your dream you may also receive fragmented information regarding possible Symbols in your Dream as a reply. C-R uses core-shamanic and amplification techniques as a way to unlock or open possible hidden and layered meanings in dream imagery. It is up to the dreamer to fully grasp the personal meaning of the dream, we do not tell fortunes, give advice, C-R is the mirrored water reflecting back at you.

If you wish to be a part: type your dream out and include:
The Initials or your Name
A Name for the Dream.
*Anonymous* : feel free to change names of the people in the dream
and send to:

consumer.refund.archive @ gmail.com

This is a Dream-Care-Bank. No publishing of dreams, without written consent.



Paper, 2022/3 “SAYA-SOMA: Shadow Body in Encoded System”


The digital mirror provides a sharp and dynamic reflection, as witness, giving opportunity for rich, mass integration.

Shamanic cultures view the mirror as tool, and the mirror’s greatest source of power is light.

On this pretence, we’ve a vital and relevant chance to heal through shining light (awareness, consciousness) into the digital. My work activates this ‘tool’ in use.

I propose a text from the perspective of Shamanic Soul Retrieval work and initiation, discussing the body-psyche within the coded system of trauma fragmentation.

Topics: Co-emergence, Soul Retrival, Glitch, Posthuman Body, Dissection, Gaze, MirrorMind, Trauma of the Soul, Witness, Multiperspective Praxis.

This is part of a much larger work currently being arranged into a book-length, which goes much deeper into the embodied alchemy, waterfalls and glitch-spirit methodology. And includes drawings and sketches on a potential cosmology of the Digital Spaces and Collective Shadows.
June, 2022.


Paper, 2020:
“In Search of the Invisible: Dreaming of Embodied Computation”,
Published by the Foundation of Shamanic Studies Europe, 2020.
Link to E Pub.

What is the psychic matter held within what we call "the internet" and what beginning precedence is this giving to the psyche and spirituality of virtual spaces and in turn, towards .ai consciousness?

How is collective consciousness distributed over the internet as a medium?

How much, and which energy is held within, in a transitory state - given by users and trapped ('un-manifested') within the system, creating residue 'psychic matter' within this virtual space?

How much and what exact energy is not originating directly from users, but originating from the network, itself?

What does this mean for [core] Shamanic Work, all energetic healers and therapists?

Can the digital realities be seen as a tool - like a drum, or a mirror - in order to see the unconscious, transfer power, mediate emotional suffering of the collective and empower the human species on a spirit level?


THESIS, The Open, Grotesque Body... 2008

“Food, Shit, and This Lump of Flesh in Between:
A study that traces the Open Grotesque Body in the works of artists Orlan, Mike Parr and Paul McCarthy.“

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