Sarah is a socio-cultural activist*, working in rebuilding circle-culture based on ancient care-practices, which includes reflections into environment, psyche and the psychic, through artistic research-led practice.

artist, activator*

[ ”activator”, in place of the word: “healer”, as at the core, all healing is self-healing, allowing oneself to bloom from within ]

Sarah works technically with subtle body energies, psychic-ecologies and their complex interconnected relationship within environment.

Her focus into the holistic psychic rhythms of the un-manifested, explores identity, embodiment, psyche, spirit, emotion and the co-emergent multitude of realities within the individual and collective.

Through core-shamanic ritual praxis, grounded within dreamwork, inner embodied alchemy [somatics] and orphic incantation [sound healing and authentic voicework], coupled with research into non-linear consciousness theory, and narrative [poetics, archetype, myth and the absurd] - Sarah’s work opens communication with transpersonal inner imagery, working to demytsify and mediate the modern machine and transpersonal spiritual identity-body.

Across abstract image, ritual, sound and experience, she addresses the inner-experience as product, holding concurrent metaphysical spaces and paradox in acknowledgement of the non-dual. She works to become a clean mouth piece for the prophecies and oracles of the unseen.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>

High importance is understood within darkness as vital process of incubation and initiation, intuition-technology, authenticity, improvisation or chance, synchronicity, as influenced by aktionist art theory, neo-concretism, radical transformability, psycho-ecology, and the abject.

Her analytic approach to energy practition, with respect to indigenous sources of wisdom under the term “shamanic”, is focused on the collection and recognition of lost feminine ways of being; holding and receptivity.


Sarah offers One on One sessions in the capacity of a Shamanic Practitioner, with ritual energy work and witness counsel for power transferral and rebalance.

The one on one session work focused in grounded connection with sensorial body and presence, to provide support for beings in embodiment of the soul, aiding to offer empowerment through periods of major transition, loss of creativity, vitality or disempowerment.

More info on sessions is listed on the praxis page or flow over to her blog to discover more.


Sarah makes online or in-person research ceremonies [as workshop] for studio groups or research teams interested in ritual, inner alchemy, processual art and authentic ceremonial research practice. 



Cover images:
- credits to Robert Carrithers, CTM Festival, Siri Nyström, Mathilda Bernmark, Sarah Martinus

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