Acknowledging depth and 


In most of western society there is a taboo about speaking about soul. Even I feel very cautious about using the word publicly.

Speaking of ‘the soul’ can, in many contexts of our lives, activate judgements of ‘over-indulgence’ and ‘over-sensitivity’, as if it would be selfish or narcissistic to acknowledge the presence of a depth within ourselves.

It can feel as if it would be exposing something way too vulnerable within ourselves to acknowledge, or perhaps too big, too messy - that we have connection to something deeper and larger, operating on wild-truth, threatening to expose our true nature, as both animalistic and god-filled beings, simultaneously.

But when we acknowledge a depth within us, we allow others to acknowledge the depth in themselves. This is the only way that acknowledging depth in our society will be reignited.


Imagine what would happen if we allowed the entire human world to take back their allowance to their own soul.

The material aspects of our realities would slow down to a halt, perhaps. The world would be ‘broken open’ with activity on the immaterial plains.

Many people would probably need to make drastic changes. They would not be able to focus on the things which did not matter with 100% certainty. A sea of emotion would come to the surface. We would collectively, out of necessity, begin to learn how to process emotion.


A wise teacher once told me that we fear emotion because we have the impression that it will persist for ever and obliterate us. Too much for the system to bear, if we were to express them. [Yet what was too much, too fast was more likely the orginal traumatic experience first triggering the emotion, not the reoccuring emotional capacity, itself.]

Yes, we fear certain emotions because they are deemed unacceptable by society, too. We fear certain emotions because if we actually looked at them it would mean having to sometimes radically change our identities, our jobs, our relationships [with ourselves and others]. Changing takes hard work!

So we keep things suppressed and pretend to the most important person in our whole universe, our Self (ehem, Soul) that our truth dosen’t really exist.

But the thing is, emotion does not stay in one set form forever. It will only stay in a set from, if we deny it expression and movement. Emotion, by its base energetic form, is transmutable - an evolutionary catalyst!

The main property of emotion which is always there, is change. (And the raw material of emotion is power,  but more on that later.)


If we were to look at evolution. To look at the goal of life itself as being geared towards consciousness evolving, towards growth. We might realise we are actually within a system which is playing on our team, if only we were to let it.

Consciousness evolves through learning and befriending the other. Bridging the divide, forming a magical new understanding, the product of consciousness growth is when a ‘third’ appears - a deepening - which is more than simply the sum of two opposites.

Everything in our system is geared towards life - and abundant life at that. The system does not operate based on human judgement, or societal judgement systems and current trends of our age. The system operates based on energetic resonance and cyclic return, the algorithms that set us into particular patterns are not programmed by the universe, but by us, both collectively and independently. The universe merely runs the entire program and hosts the gigantic interconnected network of multi realities.

Along the pretence that what is given to us in life is all geared towards our greatest evolution, all of the difficult emotion and struggle, all of the ill-fittingness of our puzzles - is all there for a reason: to prepare us for a jump.


A jump is about realising that our own perspective on our situation is severely limited. Mind does not know what is best for us all the time. Our mind knows what is comfortable, and our mind is caught in the past and the future, tied up in expectations, memories, learnt habits, relational dynamics, that have become so engrained that they accidentally became part of our identities, over time.

But where to jump and how? To make a jump, we first need to actually trust that we will land somewhere! [And it will take blind trust eventually, but preparing yourself for a safe journey is important.]

If we can stay with trust and foster it, as much as we trust that one breath will be followed by the next breath, and that a sunset will be followed by a sunrise, then we can begin to trust the reciprocity of the universe and the gearing of the universe towards life.


If we manage to take away judging what comes up each day as “good or bad”, and merely feeling from the perspective of openness and curiosity, managing to welcoming each new part of ourselves or emotion which arrives as a visitor in our psychic-house, we can better discern where each visitor comes from.

And if we manage to separate out the mind’s judgements long enough that we can tell where each visitor comes from, we might also be able to choose which visitors we keep around and which we let go of.

Eventual pathways unravel allowing us to be able to see where to go for greater soul-mind-body connection, to truly live our soul passion.

To begin with welcoming in new visitors, the best way to do this would be to look at your dreams. If dreams are not working, taking a shamanic journey and simply perceiving what is there is also a good way to begin.

If you need info on how to make a shamanic journey, check the Foundation of Shamanic Studies in Europe and the US, as the best place for western minds to learn technique.

More soon + much love,

30th Nov 2020

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