by SPILL Collective

Presented at fortyfivedownstairs


Solipsis is a physically punishing underworld which dwells between life and death. Where the boundaries between light and dark, love and loss, pleasure and pain, have broken down and the subconscious rules. It is where our deepest secrets, our horrors and desires, live and never stop. A world without language, without pre-conception, without limits.

Through live improvised sound and physical performance, photography, installation and poetry, Solipsis is a hybrid experiential event in which anything is possible.

Spontaneous and affective, Solipsis stirs the grotesque, horrifying and dark animal hidden within us all.

Devised by Allison Wiltshire, Chloe Boreham, Ella Harvey, André Peach and Christina Sheils
Directed by Allison Wiltshire  
Performed by Ren Gregoric, Chloe Boreham, Ella Harvey, Declan Greene, Rachel Torrance
Live Sound by André Peach, Angus Tarnawsky, Freya Schack-Arnott, Daphne Shum and Oliver Hunter
Photography by Christina Sheils  
Costume by Sarah Martinus
Installation by Esther Stewart
Lighting by Kimberly Kwa
Text by Giuliano Ferla and Zoey Dawson
Produced by Molly Whelan and The Adam Lowe Group
Images by Vikk Shayen Wong

Spill Collective
Live art, Collaborative work

Running 2008-2010.

A live art collective of independent visual artists, actors, performers, sound artists, focusing on producing art and events which showcase experimental and hybrid works. Spill has devised work for Federation Square (Dark Matter), fortyfive downstairs (Solipsis), Cream Fields Music Festival, Boroughs Festival, Everyday People Festival, Hot Mess Down Under and many other venues and events around Melbourne. Spill curated and ran Melbourne's infamous Spill Party and Llips events, in which gritty and progressive artists were combined within a party environment. Spill's own aesthetic has been described as one of the messiest and most subversive within Melbourne at this time.

Directed by Allison Wiltshire , projects listed below.


by SPILL Collective
Presented at The Atrium, Federation Square
JUNE, 2009

An immersive multi-artform event depicting the epic narrative of a travellers desire to explore the farthest most reaches of the human mind.

Through improvised live music and physical performance, film, animation and installation, SPILL Collective transformed the Atrium through an epic narrative, which unfolded over five nights. Dark Matter presented a figurative travellers journey from the enclosed walls of a bedroom, to the busy and distracting landscape of the city, to the serene peace of the outback, to the imaginative possibility of the solar system, to the seamless transcendence of the infinite. Components of the story were told through a variety of art forms, creating a hybrid experiential feast for passers-by in Melbourne's city centre. Dark Matter was wild and highly imaginative, and investigated both the artists attempt to create art which exists outside of language, as well as ways of presenting experiential work in a public setting.

Devised by Allison Wiltshire, Andre Peach, Chloe Boreham, Christina Sheils, Ella Harvey, Oliver Hunter
Directed by Allison Wiltshire
Performed by Chloe Boreham, Ella Harvey, Rachel Torrence, Cecily Hearn,  Pip Edwards, Megan Twycross, Sophia Constantine
Live Sound by Andre Peach, Nic Tammins, Robbie Avenham
Installation and Animation by Oliver Hunter
Costume by Sarah Martinus
Photography by Christina Sheils
Video art by Campbell Hynam-Smith, Dale Acochran, Rafaella McDonald, feat. Luke Fraser
Puppet by Hannah French
Images by Vikk Shayen Wong
Produced by Molly Whelan from the Adam Lowe Group

Proudly supported by the City of Melbourne, Federation Square and The University of Melbourne

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