Action on Video / 4 min

Featuring pink palmolive soap squeezed through the orifice of the fisted hand.
(Video Still Pictured)

"“Soap” (2011): The camera is zoomed in on (a) hand. She squeezes, and from the space between her thumb and forefinger oozes a pale slimy substance. As the video continues we glimpse inside the dark slippery cave of her hand, and we are reminded of other bodily orifices. Through a magnified framing technique alone, .... has transformed mundane imagery of hand and soap into a grotesque feast for the erotic imagination."
...text excerpt from exhibition catalogue, Laura Castagnini 2012.

Video footage shot during time in the Biospatial Workshop / RMIT, 2008, which “approached issues discussed in the introduction at a domestic scale, initially through the lens of contaimination and waste in urban life and the idea of lifestyles grounded on toxic practices. In picking through the politics and poetics of excreta and pollution, we found ourselves fingering a rich compost of anxieties. ... 2007-2009, Pia Ednie-Brown (ed) Plastic Green: designing for environmental transformation; RMIT University Press 2009

Exhibited in "Come a Little Closer", ScreenSpace Gallery,
Curated by Laura Castagnini.
2012, Melbourne Australia.

Exhibited in Berlin 2012, as a part of a larger compilation of videos at The Club, Neukoelln.

This work was made in connection to a larger Thesis about the Open Grotesque Body and Aktionist Live Art.

“..with the artist continually repeating the same action, certain zones are taken to the point where they turn into impenetrable, compacted blackness.”Verlag Dusseldorf, V;  Paul Mc Carthy; Brain box dream box; pp11

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