As I post this I am considering the following:

- Tenderness (The Way Of)

- Relationship (Poetics Of)

- Belonging (Value of, and The Space of Home)

- Isolation (The illusionary(?) texture of & Sneaky Blindspots of)


I am reading:

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s ‘The Way Of Tenderness’ & ‘Opening to Darkness’, (scroll down for sample pages)
Edouard Glissant’s ‘Poetics Of Relation’,
Linda Tuhuwai Smith’s ‘Decolonising Metholodologies’.
And many other books centralising Black Queer Feminism and Decolonial Practices.


and listening to:



I am thinking and feeling a lot into Cultural Legacy Trauma in the past years and how unheld, these go on to develop into Cultural Legacy Burdens which present themselves through the Body, the immune system and our capacity to handle stress.

We all carry burdens around in our bodies. They dont have to be ‘Cultural’, but they often are, even if we do not realise, they might be signaling lack of culture, the absence of (neglect), which is also often avoiding definition because it is an absence of (only).

‘BURDEN’ From Middle English, birden, burthen, BIRTHEN, byrthen, from Old English byrden, byrþen, from Proto-West Germanic *burþini, from *burþī, from Proto-Germanic *burþį̄, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰer- (“to carry, bear”).

Borrowing from Latin: ‘ONUS’.

So ‘Burden’ has a connection to both ‘Birth’ and ‘Onus’. Wow.

What does it mean to have an ONUS and what does it mean to be in the process of BIRTH?

This feels more like it relates to Service, then. Is ‘Burden’, also ‘Service’?

To carry something out.
ONUS also, for me, has a connection to Process of Vocation.


In society where the most Vulnerable is not acknowledged (yet) as having the most Wisdom, Ignorance is Violence.

Where is the line, where levels of Unconsciousness turns into Violence?

We are starting to identify where this line exists, somatically.

We are enraged & grieving it.

But what about moving through it?
How do we move through it?
How to evolve it?




In a time where we are collectively waking up, after centuries of avoidance & bypassing The Depth of The Dark, Divine Feminine (YIN), it is exactly the Burdens, the Onus, that teach us what is True.

Truth, as appearing and dissapearing at each moment - does not mean that we are automatically enabling a ‘my truth is fixed through my whole life’ stance. We are letting Truth be ever-emergent.

If Burden, to Carry, teaches Truth, If a teaching is pain & suffering, can we Own the path?

What’s between Onus & Ownership?

What do we ‘Own’ from each experience?
How do we go about it?
- As not a Medal of Honour, but as a plant within our care?

Is Burden Alive, as a Plant?
(Or can we drop it & give it to others, as they also wake up?)

As we carry on, Onus, as a service, gets connected with Our ever-emergent Truth-in-process. 


At the abstracted & metaphysical level:
If consciousness is infinite & unlimited, our Onus is actually on ‘All that is’.

(Ie. All life, as autonomous, different from each other & even different from itself at each next moment)

However, under which process could Onus, even Legacy Wounds, be in-mediation and consent of Allowing Others Self-Governance?


Allowing Others Self-Governance relates to allow multiple Truths - without causing harm for the differences, but for transcending until a shared realm is found.

When no shared realm is found we can take a pause.
We do everything within our ability (without inflicting harm) to express clearly where we stand, in service for the other’s greatest evolution.


For awakening on the path of recognising Emotional Intelligence, healing emotional traumas or accessing Hypersensing empathy - Uncovering Truth -bringing through the uncovering of Ancestral Legacy Burdens.

YOU are bringing what was hidden but causing pain & dis-function, into awareness.




As deep Tectonic & Molten Earth form the dynamics of peaks & valleys upon the surface of our Great Mother Earth, so too do our intersections form dynamics - opportunities to deepen & heighten our psychic ecologies in all directions outwards, inwards to Source, Centre, Lacuna, Opus, Eye, Chakra, Planet, Galaxy, Heart.

Identity, our Fluid Relational Imago (shifting & collective or co-emergently formed), is not limited to visual expression - though we recognise what is expressed visually: with respect to how systems of The World are.

Oppression exists, everywhere. Imbalances exist and alot of ONUS (Weight) is based on visual representations.

The whole dynamism of systemic oppression becomes internalised in those who are oppressed due to the awareness of the split centralissed ‘I‘ and the fact that persepctive, attention and energey centres are split in having to monitor themselves for safety in the opresssive and extractive environments. (Multiperspective, one gaze watches and ‘self-polices’)

Becoming an inner dynamic ‘fight’ of energy, 
This expresses itself as awarenesses
It forms in thoughts,
thoughts ignite emotions
Unexpressed, unheld/witnessed, or non-moving Emotions ignite the somatic and this is why Burden is so much heavier for the bodies around us who also carry the Systemic.


Opportunities will present themselves:

1. to expand Onus (as weight), to take on a load of dynamics that have been dispropertionatly loaded on someone else, due to the systems of oppression we live in,
or opportunities
2. to offload and share the load you have been carrying with someone else who now takes it on, and to together Transcend.


Intersections are expressed in Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual plains - through Empathy, Sensing, Nuerodiversity & Ancestors Constellation.

How does relational reality flow when we our embody the understanding that it is the intersections from where Spirit is peeking through? Intersections are Strength, Nuance & Our Growth Edge. Hybrid is teacher.



Conditioning has indoctrinated most of us that we are ‘not okay’ when expressing from the glitch (trigger, activation). In 2024 we catch that trap and do not enter into the vortex.

Conditionings of BURDEN, ONUS, & OWNERSHIP as ‘Power-Over’ either through Matrydom, or Guilt - mean the acts of service in Onus to Truth may be resisted due to attemps of avoiding feeling fault (faulty) and blame (shame/abandonment/separation).

The need for dominance of truths hides within language, within actions, and within our relations. This dominance deep within our our culture & mind-body-and-soul is the one and the same.

When we are stuck in a Binary of Good/Bad - through Shame, this is Self-Hate. Even when we are fighting for our rights or the rights of others. There must be a way we can become more tender in expressing Onus from carrying Burdens that does not perpetuate on the same binary of Good/Bad. We seek transcendence.




The Path of Tendernesss is one that gives up illusionary forms of domination in the name of surrender into acceptance of dualities.

Gaze shifts into Our Selves

Our Burdens & Our Onus
They teach us when to Nurture
They teach us when to allow Waterbodies to open
They teach us how to become Tender

The Teaching of How to Become Tender, is the most precious Gift you will receive in this lifetime. Learning how to keep honouring it AS the most precious gift, is part of the process.

Becoming Tender first of all starts with Becoming Tender to One’s Self. Becoming Tender to our Nightmares, Becoming Tender to our Vulnerabilities. Becoming Tender implies becoming Forgiving. 

How to Become Tender to oneself is nothing short of a life changing and life saving action.

How to Become Tender with Others equips you with resources to communicate with all beings of our Earth without Dominance.




‘During this Dark Awakening in The Night
Be in The Mystery
Dive into The Depths
Be in the Not Knowing
In order to Transform.
We are a Drop
In The Ocean of Love’
- Heather Ensworth



We are currently creating & re-creating The World anew in our own Images: Collective dreaming up a world.

Is this World really where we Belong? It does not seem like anyone really Belongs in such a World. Or perhaps we do not find eternal Belonging in The World because we do find eternal Belonging within our Selves.

What does it mean to Belong? For many of us ‘Home’ did not come with Deep Belonging. We need to go deeper. Belonging implies there is something to belong to. There is an Other.

There is a sense of Ease that comes with the concept of Belonging, for me - I have only ever experienced that in flux or temporal spaces in the World. Where I find Constant and unfaltering Belonging is with Spirits of Nature and Compassionate Spirits - Power Animals, and Deities.


Our own state of disconnection to Earth, is related to our constant seeking of Home (belonging, ease, protection) within projection.

Our loneliness & dissociation from Spirited Soma, is disconnection to what is. Our Bodies are The Darkness, The Divine Feminine Spirit within matter, The YIN, and we run from actually connecting with Her. This is a collective state, where every little moment when we remember to breathe deserves to be celebrated.

By giving space & non judgemental attention: Witness, to what’s broken, to what’s Dark, wats calling for our attention deep in The Body, when the Salt Water of Spirit runs in Rivers through our bodies & washes us through & through, from that place we can create the world anew.




Pages Excerpted from Opening To Darkness, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel.

We karmically match to all forms of The Dark in some way as it currently sits.

Distancing between the creation of The Dark and the receiption of The Dark might be important to discern for some types of Toxic out of balance Darkness, but we all belong to it, in its many forms.

Even as Victims, our Karma ‘matches’.

The toxic, the no longer helpful upside down, non relational, ancestral energy, the harming, unchecked, bypassed, becomes a doorway for more Separation to pass.

Separation is Shame & Hate energy.

All Hate is a plea for Self-Hate to be Witnessed.

We are absolutely unable to give or receive love when self-hate is present. We close ourselves off.

Self-Hate does not always align with ‘Fault’. Neither do Curses follow folks who have done ‘bad’. These are Ancestral and Karmic Onus’. If we have become aware of them we are automatically given a Key.

Unfortunatley separation energy is sometimes undiscernable within The Darkness as that’s the Beauty of Darkness - to allow release from things being discernable - to allow Chaos - and in language we have a lack of accurate vocabulary for nuance, between The Nuturing Protective, Darkness, and The Darkness that separation & shame is, and hides within.

Without freeing the Core of our Being from all ties to the arid wastelands of Separation, we keep striving to belong & survive in a landscape which has no connection to Lifeforce. There is scrutiny - to be ‘fixed’ or ‘perfect’ through a distorted perception of ‘Ideal’.

When we recognise and begin to Love and value our own grief, a new Darkness emerges. She is Protective Darkness. Illuminatory Darkness, Nurturing Darkness, Incubative Darkness. She becomes a cloak we can wear when having to traverse the wastelands of Separation in order to retrieve lost Soul parts of our Ancetral lines and of our Earth Bodies.

We are each the only ones who can choose to create our World from The Real Primordial Darkness, not this ‘small and tragic Darkness’*(how Zenju Earthlyn Manuel describes it) we have come to understand as ‘toxic’ ‘oppressive’ and ‘out of balance’ within our collective psyche.

The Cloak of Incubative Darkness, which we wear to travel through all Darkness in transformation is most important now in 2024.




As we enter into A Wood Dragon year, The Dragon being the protector and steward of what is most Precious, most Sacred, most Spirited: Gold of the Soul. Existing on the edge of the Imaginal, we are equipped with Magic and Luck here to catapult.

How is Your Dragon? Are they able to expresss and move their Fire? Are they truly loved by you? Are they cared for, free to roam? Are they fed, groomed, exercised?

Every catapult has torsion and dynamic energy, every catapult has its own inner fire or inner war.

The onus is on us this year to shift that further away from Victim/Aggressor/Saviour narratives, into a service of Collective Humanity’s ONUS of The Broken Heart - which we all carry, and which The Wood Dragon protects.

The Broken Heart - when understood and held, when cherished - creates the world through cracks of Light coming through Intersections.
Light will emerge through conflict and this conflict must become Transcendental for us.

This is a year of staying grounded and deepening, ripening. Protection.

May we cherish The Primordial Dark for allowing us to relinquish the illusion of control, and for each finding our discernment and shadow work with how we relate to Darkness as a space to find Deeper Collective Belonging. 


In Contact to
Ever Existing
Ever Conscious
Ever New Bliss*


With Courage,


*^*- 1. Heather Ensworth, her 2024 reading.

*^*- 2. Asha’s description of Source Energy @innerlifewith_asha


The background image here is Fantastic Offering No.1.*
Ode to the Sweet Nectar of Life.
Placed deep in The Forest Unknown, in a place where mind-connection to the cardinal directions is lost on the 1st Jan 2024.

Fantastic Offering No.2 (the second pineapple; I had two Fantastic Pineapples on the Altar) will be placed today, 3rd Jan 2024, in a part of the Forest which is known & feels like Home, as an Anchor.
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