Musings on “Why Ritual?” for the urban spirit:

The whispers of Soul through materiality, show up in the body.

The rhythms of Soul through immateriality, show up in synchronicity.

The reflections of Soul through the unconscious, show up in dreams.

There is always a basic version of ritual in our days without us even knowing it - morning coffee, weekly dates with friends, certain days in the studio or workplaces. Routine?

Routines, no matter how banal, store
power and keep our identities aligned on the river of consciousness. Without even knowing it… as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west…

But what would happen if we started to use ritual - and ‘sacred ritual’ at that (a form of ritual which actively notices the wholeness of the act as occurring within the realm of mystery, the sum of which, we humans are limited to perceive and understand, yet we know exists) - in order to answer the body, synchronicity and dreams, or know exactly where inner power is stored and access it to
lever forward?

If we started to use ritual to have access to our own power, at any time, to remember who and where we are, in times of severe activation and disappearance, the return to connected could be instant.

This is what shamanic technique is about: Ritual to access power. “Power” to be supported within expanding consciousness.

It could be as simple as a hand movement, or a few lines or a song, spoken in the head…

To your ever expanding nature+++

5th Dec 2020

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