[ehem...  also ‘Holy Trinity’]

There’s a whole other player in this Law of Abundance game we are in, the third player in the system shifting us actually into triadic cycle : the Win-Win-Win. [x3]

The win-win-win is about an energetic co-creation with not only dualities, but also with the unseen; as the third 'win' acknowledges the un-manifested [ raw potential ] as a factor of your experience here.

Recognising this, serves to take us way further out of anthropomorphism / egocentrism between self-other, and into a multi-perspectivism leaving space for The Unknown.

The law of three’s is where we learn to walk the winding grey-ways and evening shadows of liminality instead of getting sucked into binary choices.

That raw potential, that newness, that spark - is an understanding of the existence of an entity, or an energy, or a CHOICE, outside of time and space which is with you in co-creation at every given moment, witnessed through it’s relationship to your intention.

"Win-Win" is not the entire story. It lends itself to a cause and effect ideology, a looped surface level, mirror gazing mastication.

Get into the Win-Win-Win and transmute your reality.

Want to stop simply reacting?

Be open to your conflicts [ dualities ] being rich places to birth a new world.

… the option you have not thought of yet …

… that hovers deep inside a polarity’s crevice …

… within that dark abyss, you will find the sacred, the transcendental …


#abundance #thirds #grey #eveningshadows #unseen #unmanifested #rawpotential
#transmutation #hekate #liminal #daoism #tao #wu #yingyang #spirituality #sacred

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