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“Ancient Love Story”
Sunni Leilani

~ Double Record ~ “Heaven On Earth” & “World Of Water” ~

Released 28th Dec 2022

Flute, Shamanic Sounds and Supporting Vocals on The World Of Water & Heaven On Earth Collections.
For Sound Ceremonialist, Activist, Artist Sunni Leilani.

In Sunni’s words:

“ Ancient Love Story Is a Double Record Created & Co Created
by the Most Incredible Human BEings
In the Absolute Frequency Of Freedom & Love

Crafted Unconventionally,
Ancient Love Story Spans Turtle Island & Crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Europe
Capturing Recordings From Philadelphia Pennsylvania by John Swana,
Ham Lake Minnesota by Tyrel Collins,
& Berlin Germany by Sarah Martinus

Comprised Of 2 Collections
Heaven On Earth & World Of Water

Ancient Love Story Is An EPIC TALE Of All Relations”

Sunni is a very special human being who operates on offering her co-creators sovereignty and freedom to follow our joyful urge when adding and creating around her tracks.

The process of recording her supporting sounds was all made within Ceremony, and over communcations between Berlin and all over the USA -  Sunni has been on the road on tour and in creation of this album all of 2022.

Expect more on this page as her album is unveiled - it is currently in mixing and mastering as of NOV 2022.

Mixing and Mastering by Ohm Eye Productions, HamLake, Minnesota.
Images are from Sunni’s recording session in the studio with Tyrel Collins, 2022.
The album art is made by Mel at Haven 33 Creative.

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