Spiritually Bypassing the Dark Goddess in the 5D 


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A community service message -

Something I have been collecting data on for quite some time is...

Spiritual Bypassing: Systemic Oppression & Dark Goddess Energy-Bypassing.

Anyone who is talking about “in the 5D we don’t see systemic oppression from the material plane” - is talking absolute bullshit. BULLSHIT. Excuse me. But, bullshit.

That’s massive spiritual bypassing and very very painful for anyone who is identifying within anything other-ised in this lifetime. Because anyone identifying in these roles, needs recognition for what they are carrying.

I am really sorry to anyone who has come up against these types of spirituality and healing in practice - especially when it is parading as ‘trauma healing’…

I am really sorry to anyone whom I myself have not been able to hold space for with this through my entire life. I was also cultured to not be able to centralise this energy, so I have spent meany years in the squish, of not being able to recognise myself, too.

“BUT YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY...”   ...yes, but *in context* to where we are at.... and in context to collective power-bias. We cannot just beleive ourselves out of hundreds of years of systemic oppression.

Anyone who is talking about Zen Transcendence, astral body development, any kind of practice - yoga, breathwork, shamanic work, before holding space for intersectionality, *witness and acknowledgement of every human's right to an equal world*, and before respecting women’s experiences and their inbuilt intuitional power, and before respecting and acknowledging the inner knowing and experience of anyone BiPoC, or LGBTQIA+ is spiritually bypassing, and a problem of silencing.

This is a very regressive/dangerous oversight to be a part of, during this time on earth, in my experience.

Especially not recognising systemic oppression in the 5D is problematic - since many of the practices we are practicing and the wisdom we rely on has been carried to us through the lives of the most oppressed peoples of our world. How can we sugar coat or avoid to be able to be accountable to their experiences - of stolen lands and stolen generations? If we cannot speak to the experiences of most oppressed, how could be ever hope to be able to speak for Earth Rights, or Water Rights? 

In the age of systemic shadow work, silence is not always golden!

And if we - as identifiers of the liberation to the Dark feminine - are having emotions that are different from others, this does not mean we are negative forces!

It means we are wisdom keepers, light bringers, truth seekers.

Most times we are picking up on all the other dark emotional content that is being refused by the bodies around us who remain in denial.

The problem is that many people are jumping over the search for truth, accountability and rather choosing denial and avoidance by thinking they can live in the 5D all the time.

Just because issues look too hard, or anger and rage gets “a bad wrap”.

5D might be a realm we might glimpse or percieve to touch into, to almost imagine, or to reach into in our dreams, in meditation, in ‘astral travel’ but 1. it’s different for everyone, depending on our own unique cosmology, and 2. it’s not possible to live in that reality all the time and avoid the material existence.

The material existence - is all routed to favour the centralised consciousness of whitness and maleness. Get used to that. Every system we move our bodies through in our world, is built from the consciousness that centralised the white male experince and made the female/black and brown bodies ‘other’. 

So if we are not also taking into account systemic oppression in the 5d - we create our 5D experience all from the same lense.

We need more people willing to dig deeper into what Dark-Goddess-Positive-Spirituality actually means and why and how far back it goes. For me it goes back even before Buddha and the time and space I bow to and connect to is the Wu Shamanic Matriarchy who were the original dancers of The Tao. They were Chinese/Asian descent, so, not white.

I cannot believe how deep this goes and how many practitioners are not aware of how their language and biased-spirituality towards: unquestioning maleness, whiteness, politeness/efficiency, and heirachies as expressed through how language is used, and how systems operate and where recognition is going.

Connected with concepts of purity we constantly erode and boycott respecting the incubative dark - Her resting and peace. Her timeline, Her flow, Her boundaried. Her value syste,.

The very structure of the shamanic journey is to value process and incubation. The Way. It is abstract and undefinable. We might be working with an energetic scalpel, but I think it’s necessary to define that practice as one that must include shadow work and that the only way we can really understand what the messages and symbols from behind the veil pertain to - is through shadow work as a form of illumination.

Otherwise that energetic scalpel can be very biased and starts 'mining away' at the people around us’ wellbeing who are not centralised in the scalpel's vision.

I have experienced this over and over and over again - from anyone and everyone who has not yet fully connected to or owned the dark goddess energy within themselves.

We are alive in this time - here and now! The pressure for equal recognition on labour and identity has already built up. And noone is going to be able to do the inner work, [which is basically having to put yourself in the shoes of the other, fully, and grieve the situation and somehow find acceptance, or become an activist] *for* anyone else.

We practice what we preach - we need to be re-balancing and holding space for both - equally. To me that means to:

Reduce focus on
The Mountain,
and lift up
focus to
The Valley.


I am approaching my work with the support of all of my supportive ancestors, Thanks to Luisah Teich and her ability to own all ancestral connections, and share this information - I have been working in order to OWN ALL of my ancestry.

The past few weeks I realised, I can [and do] kick out The Oppressor which is just overballanced power - regularly, in dreams for myself, and regularly for clients, in session - with fierce inner authority, alliance and connection to Dark Goddess Energy.

Some of this power was provided to me by a Wild Boar who ran through my body, obliterating a former self, in dreams in 2014.

There is nowdays no institution or body that I would put above the importance of my own connection to Dark Goddess Energy. I listen to her/them first and foremost....



The need for social justice comes from the heavy emotional and physical toll that cultural and systemic oppression takes on us.

We understand that modern-era practices are often not sufficient in addressing the concerns of the historically or systemically oppressed - LGBTQIA+ BiPoC folk and anyone not from this group who is doing the inner ownership work and coming into real, embodied ally-ship alongside us.

Humans are brilliant learners, absorbing messages from our environments — families, society, culture. These external influences shape our identities based on creed, gender, colour, etc., which then shape our realities. To know who we are requires understanding these influences, and how it has shaped who we are. By doing so, we can tease out who we are at our “core,” from what we’ve been taught.

On a psychic level and on a shadow-work level, it’s deep.

Let’s sift through these layers to find our true selves.

With courage to keep showing up for ourselves and each other +++


The discord commune I am building is very much for this kind of space holding and awareness - [check the offerings page]


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