(Not feeling like we have to 'go to war" -> fight to prove anything or receive love/recognition)

Power up, Beautiful Flowers! Let’s talk Gaze-Reflection.

It’s triggering to be smothered in limited Gaze, that coats our energy field with fear-guilt-shame.

It is totally acceptable and understandable to be triggered into a trauma-response in trying to respond to that.

I am going to ask you though - to give yourself MUCH more time.

Trauma responses are natural relational systems.

Systems getting out-of-ballance and then ricocheting inside our own energy spaces is part of the awakening.

This is a GOOD THING and wisdom generating process. You are becoming more resilient to psychic resistance and psychic multiplicity.

Nuerodiversity is multi perspective and decentralisation -> after an era of fusion and self-centredness.

Nuerodiversity, multi perspective and inner-decentralisation are a breaking open of a new egg:

New Earth - Hyper Sensitivity - Nuance - Emotional Freedom, less denial, judgement and no more scapegoat.

We need to be gifting ourselves huge amounts of time and psychic-distance.

The fact that Gaze comes on so strong is because it needs to be REFLECTED back for everyone to awaken.

Each is awakening into the era of Trauma awareness at a different pace.

When we choose to REFLECT, not to CARRY FOR we allow others their own chance of real life.

This is a a video - one of the best from a few years ago - from Amanda Flaker - speaking about the dynamics of The Empath’s Shadow and how to ‘set free’ life force energy [Djinn] and direct it towards the reality we want.

Here are some notes from the video:

Emotions are what magnetise things to us and repel things from us.

Being afraid from feeling our emotions, pushes things away from us, and loads our unwanted emotions onto other people. We can ‘shaft’ people by projecting our unwanted emotions away from us - that’s the narcissistic function - not owning our own feelings. This occurs in Gaze and when we have heavy projections/judgements/beliefs on others - (mostly unconsicous).

This is how the empathy within us gets enslaved by the narcisssitic era. Our inner empathy needs to be free to co-create with life force. Not enslaved in Shadow Contracts with others.


“We have Co-creative relationships with life. Which is ultimately, an erotic relationship.”- Amanda Flaker

Fear guilt and shame programming.
With no ability to discern, we have no ability to relate. 

Shadow Contracts are co-creative relationships that used to work for ‘life’ (survival) but no longer fit.

You have grown! and thus we are bringing more from what was in the shadow, into the light.


When an Empath gets Sovereign, the energy-force of the Empath’s Aura naturally reflects back projections. Getting sovereign from Fear Guilt and Shame is a natural protection for the Empath who has been steeped in over-responsibility, and over-identified with the unwanted emotions of others.


When we have big disagreements. The part of us which is touched personally - the hurt part of us - is the part that will get triggered into fight/flight/please/appease. An empath having a moment of geting hurt deeply by something, in an area we greatly care about will likely have a mixture of all of those interchangeably and a moderate amount of all these elements is required for actually entering into mediation and natural amounts of discussion!

YES - a healthy amount of ‘fight’ is ‘change-maker energy’! 

YES - a healthy amount of ‘flight’ is ‘rest and reboot/sacred pause energy’!

YES - a healthy amount of ‘please/appease’ is compromise, care and understanding.

But we need to be able to look at BALANCE. Where’s the healthy balance for you?

And where does it tip into damage without a goal, for Self or Other.



An Empath needs to learn how to effortlessly reflect back what other people send us. Rather than keep cleaning all the dark emotional material of others - so others can actually have a chance to deal with their own projected off emotions and allow the emotions to “wake them up”.

Reflecting back energy is not a move into war. It is a peace-move. Reflecting back energy is letting others do their own work.

It is getting to the stage in your energy feild where other people’s projections reach you like water off a ducks back and do not alter your course of action in a greater way than at least just allowing you to be considerate and learning greater inclusivity, diversity of feeling/experience and saftey.


Empaths - Assert your Will. You are here to serve your own story.
Gaze does not determine your value. 

Embracing Urge is the first step.

Which relationships are enslaving us? 
Which relationships are keeping our own power locked?

Being able to fully feel, is how we transmute.

Vulnerability in being able to hold deep and complex emotions,  and to gently reflect them back via making growth towards self-forgiveness and freedom - is the hidden great strength of empathy.
When we choose to REFLECT, not to CARRY FOR.
This takes time and being powered up - so incredible amounts of SELF LOVE, SELF CARE, SELF WORTH, and SELF SAFTEY AWARENESS.

Build the Power Place in your home for Transmutation.
Call in your Guides.
Top yourself up from the inside out and REFLECT back what is not yours.

How To REFLECT Emotions back to sources:

“I feel, fully, the complex of emotion here.
I feel fully the fear-guilt-shame here.
The missed life-force, here.
The grief of unmet needs here.
YES, this equation, this “binary” -> that’s your Soul story. Not mine.
YES, that’s what you beleive.
The lack is yours to feel.
I have felt through mine and my part. I hand whatever is remining - back to you in service of your highest good.
I cut the projection cord of your gaze onto me.
I have felt through my part - I reflect your part back to you.
May you deal with your own emotional content.
May you have support from your guides as I have from mine.
May you deal with your own emotional content as I have mine.
I cut the projection cord of your gaze onto me.
I give thanks in the name of Mutual Freedom and Sovereignty.
And so it is.”

The psychic space between Individual & Collective, where we are shaped by Relation, is The Womb of Reality. We must allow the coming back of YIN, Divine Dark Mother Energy to be called forth from within each person. We stop working in slavery for each other. We learn how to reflect back energy, safely.


I reflect back everything that has been projected onto me that is no longer meant for or helpful to my highest evolution and expansion.

I continue on my own path Urging all to make deeper work into Intersectional De-Colonialism in the intra-psychic space.

There is a sizeable amount of psychic re-ballancing work to be made!


To your Freedom++++

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