4 Days to Reset The Tao



It has been said [ancient text and interpretations] - that a four day wait, for The Rainmaker to come and rebalance what needs to be rebalanced, is to be expected when we are knocked off centre.

This means that if we have not allowed ourselves 4 consecutive days 'off' in some way - off from thinking, off from self-doubt, off from working for someone else's life-force against our own, off from consumer-world - to rebalance our psychic space, in each season, we very well might be experiencing the pain of being over-constellated in one aspect of psyche - of living someone or something else out, in our psyche that is not aligned with our essence, or aligned with our own truth.

To anyone dealing with life on the edge of burn out - this message is for you, in particular.

It takes an incredibly strong inner compass or a strong ‘wave’ from soul in order to keep us on The Way, when so much of our world is constellated in the dry realms of ego.

This is the message that depression or burn out and the counterbalance states of anxiety is bringing.

Depression and anxiety is a message.

What would happen if we gave up resistance - and turned towards the feelings, giving ourselves an allowance of four days. What data are we receiving here?

What valid information and feeling state is here for us to embrace?

Take four days of incubation. Be an amoeba. Float... Your avatar is rebooting, connecting with source.

In order to stay in The Tao, wet forces inside of us need to reach the same level of power that our dry-aspect is locked-in - in order to keep us centred. Balance is the name of the game.

If the ego cannot say no to the lure and security of our modern machine, the soul will. And when the soul cries we can expect it to become a feeling-matter of existential proportions.

4 Days.

"Protect Your Refusal" - powerful words recently came across, from the work of Jota Mombaça, through a new friend, Isul.

"It is delight, or rather death, to souls to become wet" / "The image-soul's delight is the ego-soul's dread." - Freeman

- sourced from The Dream and the Underworld, J.Hillman [pictured below]

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