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There’s a difference between surface equality and deep equality, yes.
Many aspects of how our culture deals with the equality complex are re-traumatising each other, yes.
But for me the conversation is about who is showing up as responsible to carry the collective emotion.

I am ready for a new awareness about honouring that as a service that has been made for us, especially by indigenous cultures, BIPOC women and LGBTQIA+ folk.

What has their empathy been carrying for the collective? Have we been demonising that as ‘unspiritual’ due to remnants of organised patriarchal religion and colonial structures? Or have we been opening up into spaces for discussion and support?

I am ready for everyone to take on carrying the Sacred Rage and being able to speak up for the Dark Goddess needs of recognition and safety.


I went to a Black Lives Matter protest a couple of years ago and had made a couple of signs, in Black Red and Yellow with hand prints of my own hands and the word; “RAGE” written in bold letters.

My intention was to honour the truth and power of Rage, and give a container for that feeling to exist and be seen... Hold a vessel in the Indigenous Australian colours, and for it to be Witnessed.


A close friend was carrying one of the signs for a short stint. He realised that he didn’t feel comfortable carrying the sign. He gave it back to me explaining, "it’s not a good look".

He is a white cis-male, of european descent....& I believe perhaps felt this way out of wanting to give respect and not co-opt. To honour rightful boundaries. The rage wasn’t “his”. I respect that and respect boundaries.

But, why wasn’t The Rage “his”?

Why wasn’t he able to stand alongside me and feel the same emotions of injustice?

And what did that mean for me, standing alone?


The pathology perspective from a perspective of hyper-individualism and scapegoat-psychology could be that I am stuck in victimhood [and victim is bad!], a narcissist, and I am making every single situation about my own suffering, and that I should be ashamed of that and feel defect for doing that. I am bringing everyone else who is just trying to enjoy their lives into having to acknowledge my hard feelings and that is something defective within me and a product of “my trauma”, which I must carry alone and feel ashamed and responsible to, alone, for my whole life.

The pathology of it from a white-centralising-spirituality, might be that I have a negative spiritual intrusion which was causing me to feel The Rage - I am a war-bringer. I am the problem and the Spiritual Intrusion within me is demonic and I should be ashamed to call myself a spiritual healer with such nasty demoness living inside of me.

Or, it could actually be, that I am picking up on a collective psychic architecture which is flowing through the shadow world of our realities and the fact that I feel it and have taken responsibility for it is because I am myself identifying with the lived experiences on a deep level, of all the others who suffer. 


Highly empathic souls who have been a sponge to all the collective underlying avoidance of rage, dumped into us have un-beknowingly taken ‘responsibility’ for it. How do we go about giving the responsibility back?



When my friend expressed where he was at, and gave back the sign. There was a moment where he ‘asked’ with his energy body to be witnessed and recognised in his feelings. His energy asked for “agreement".

This was a split second moment, where my emotional vessel, auto-mirrored his feeling-body & where he was at, through my empathy.

In that split second - I extended out my Inner Mother Energy and took care of his feelings and weariness about carrying The Rage.

Everyone’s comfort zone and how they choose to show up for the world - and how deeply they go into immersion, is their personal choice.

Also, in the era of cancel culture it is really scary and takes a lot to actually stand for something fully - because we have different ideas of what constitutes standing fully, AND we need to overcome the fear of being called out, the fear of being wrong and making mistakes, while doing it.

It’s the imposter syndrome that comes from a conditional gate-keeping culture who seems to hold many people back from immersing in the game of life fully. I understand how hard it is.

Also I don’t know if the press would have taken a picture of him and twisted the narrative to read “Look at this white boy carrying a RAGE sign, how inappropriate”. [But I am guessing if he had cradled the rage in his bosom with compassion, and walked along side me, his brown friend, no such picture would have been possible.]

So… Was intensity of this Sacred Rage, my brown-female lonely "load"?

What did it mean that I was also placating the feelings of others who were not primed, ready or really able to own this emotional matter? (For whichever reason?)

Why wasn’t the Rage, even if not “his” originating from him, why didn’t it belong to him, too?

All of the Rage was not really originating from me either, yet I had a belonging to it…

The reasons for the Rage were more than valid.

But because it is so difficult to carry this Rage - instead it was avoided. Bypassed, smoothed over and handed back to me - by folks who were not ready to help carry that load because of how it might look or be construed from the outside.



What I needed in that moment to have my white european friends stand up with me, in a deeper way - for the collective rage which I had been carrying - to stand next to me, to trust the feelings.

Fierce melatonin magic - the intensity of the feelings for someone who has been carrying rage and grief their whole lives - challenges a white perception of safety. That’s white fragility, no?

Instead of listening and being open to melatonin magic messages, we are often scapegoated as having ‘issues’ by a colonial-spirit-culture. Especially women.

Fierce power, is a positive too. It does not have to be cute and nice and peace is not always about fitting in and not speaking up. 

I feel this complex wound, so intricately, because I have always been embedded in whiteculture who seem to freak-out from my Fierce melatonin magic.

That embedded in me a very deep self-gaslighting mechnanism which has taken me an entire life to work with, spiritually and is the reason I am a systemic shadow worker.

I see it and feel it in psyche and in the world-soul [grid] as a spiritual intrusion of the colonialisation-shadow.

Acknowlegding shared ownership for the collective Sacred Rage, as a role that we are fulfilling *for the collective* could be thanked, rather than demonised.

The difference in our [spiritually-chosen] identities & level of integration with collective intersectional feeling states, meant meant we could not stand together. So on one hand - our souls ‘chose; our constellations within this dynamic.

I must look at this delicate situation as a pathway - a ‘destiny to integrate new power’, new depths, new space within.



What this moment meant for me, energetically was:

My mirroring of where people “half-way” met me, was an empathy cord, extending out. These empathy cords were coming out of me and into the world, to mirror and validate and support all of the experiences of others and to validate all the other realities, and “cushion them”.

Unfortunately because the intersectionality of my own experience and my reality was not being mirrored back - these cords were syphoning my vital energy and it was putting me “to work”, as a healer - constantly.

I was Dark Mothering, healing and supporting, at a much deeper level of knowing and empathy - through an invisible aspect of relationship’s shadow.

It was a one way witnessing cord.

I realised how conditional these connection was, and how part of me had been getting denied a reality of existence. My inner brown woman could not rest here.

This is the weird gap of cognition, between the inequality-complex and astral body energy work. Because many people who chose spirituality start to seemingly consider deep dark emotions and earth magic as ‘less than’ the need to be “peaceful” - ie “good”, complicent... 

How are we really recognising intersectionality with energy work?
Where is the flow between individual and collective?
Where’s the nuanced discussion?
Where’s the shadow work?

Would I ever be able to be my brown-girl-magic-self, fully, in a situation that did not have people around me who were ready to identify to owning that Sacred Rage and Grief as their own?…

How could I be held fully, in those situations? That’s why the Dark Mother Earth is the ultimate healer and holder of all witness. That’s why the real place for asking your Sacred Rage to be carried is Mother Earth.

Dark Goddess energy - Black Tao Womb energy - The true Incubative Dark Grids and World-Soul - cannot rest in the energetic cords of a culture where there is a lack of depth going on - where touching into Sacred Rage and Grief is taboo, and has not been happening.

Me witnessing and actively understanding the situation of my friend, unconsciously was bypassing something really deeply, in myself that needed witness.

~ The Black Tao Grid ~ [ World Soul ] ~





Because of the fear-guilt-shame of cancel culture we are seeing the scapegoat complex coming out loud and clear.

Getting stuck in that bubble of fear towards cancel culture is understandable, but it is only a middle way - real Allies need to be healing at a much deeper level - releasing the striving to perfectionism by making mistakes and being willing to put trust and friendship of the people closest to us ahead of the call-out of the modern-machine/scapegoat system.



If you are an empath you are likely to be the one with cords of witnessing and understanding capacity coming out from your field.
It is very likely that most of them are attached into places where the same amount of empathy you give out is not coming back.
These are the energetic cords syphoning off empathy or the witnessing power of the Dark Feminine, [YIN] which are not necessarily directed back into topping her up again.

Intersectional Empaths are conditioned to bypass our own depth and need for support.

There is not an equal exchange happening inside the cords of attention - it’s more of a ‘dumping’.
The stop-gap we meet in others, is because many people have not delved deep enough within feeling bodies to actually unlock Her lived experiences.


When others have not grieved, their identities are not flexible enough or integrated into understanding and trusting Her pain.

We cannot stand for Her if our identities or how we are aware to being perceived from the outside, stops us. 

The empath’s experience is one of taking responsibility for collective emotion.

We feel everything deeply so we own everything deeply.

There’s a point where we will need to accept and live with this as a beautiful power.

However how that works in relationship - it needs to be conscious, chosen!

We do our best to carry, understand & validate where each person is at with extending out our empathy, but at the deepest point in The Valley of the grid, if there is a one-way collective witnessing cord hanging around here, deep in our empathic intuition is The Experience of the Dark Mother being syphoned.

Having people around us who can not carry what we are experiencing is an illuminating moment and often devastating when it comes out of the unconscious and into new awareness.

This is why we RE-ROUTE, our energetic cords.

We re-route these energy cords out of supporting the inner wounds of others and we plug the cords into where we need the energy the most in our own fields.

To make sure we are ORBITING around our desire and creativity centres.

This is not about severing relationships, but to make sure our witnessing and empathic energy is not constantly feeding shadow natures of others and stopping them from enquiring deeper to meet the inner Dark Goddess themselves.
This is made not to severe relationship but to rebalance the distribution of power.

To your courage and consistency+++



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