(technically a ‘Wind Gong’ but in my experience, The Sunshine shines through when played)

Nothing about Personal Identity, mingling with external endless knot & stretching towards Essential Identity is trivial. All is important.
But what are the cornerstones that we hold onto, when we signal our personal identities? Perhaps there is where some triviality is sitting. What governs that ‘lore’ for you? What is important enough, divine enough, to define you?

How do we grapple with all of the aspects of who we have come to be, when we belong to places, identities & histories which hold choices & actions which caused harm or continue to cause harm?

Can we be grateful that our personal identity-woundings are calling for so much of our attention?
Can they keep us curious and open about who we are, in relation to the changing narratives around us?


Our nervous system is a filament architecture of a dream fog we experience through, guiding navigation of what would otherwise be a complete unnavigable mass. Our nervous system filters and organises boundaries and flow. Our nervous system is metronome (Rhythm Keeper) and oscillator (Frequency Generator).

An alive Personal Identity (a layer or ‘template of energy’ (ie: imprint), very closely associated with our nervous system) is in constant flow between definition and dissolution (as water: transforming through solid, liquid, gas).

An optimum state of the Personal Identity is a gentle balance between definition, recognition, representation, contrasted and yet suspended within unequivocal belonging: acceptance, non-reference, and this can extend so far into a-non-thing-acknowledgment. To ‘Be’ in a non dual realm, where no-thing is other or Self, there is only be-ing.

Unequivocal belonging is both transient and absolute, fostered when we are able to each maintain an authentic and self-governed inner connection (as fluid, and changing) to Essential Identity.

Essential Identity, also very closely associated with our nervous system, has a centre who sits within The Unconscious. The thread connected to Essential Identity is Intuition. There is also a metronome (Rhythm Keeper) and oscillator (Frequency Generator) deep within the unconscious.

Fostering this open connection does take time and attention. Time and attention are resources which not all of us have access to, or see the importance of, or perhaps not all of us are called to focus our attention here.

The moments of fusion between our personal identity template getting snagged on the world, causing care, causing love, causing our attention being drawn. And that drawing of attention back into the interior - a disconnection from the fusion and a reconnection to greater arcs, a forgiveness a release. These moments are why we call on ritual - because we experience our entire reality (entrapping or expanding) through the nervous system.

We remain in contact with the nervous system directly through sound sensation in embodiment’s own language: activation & relaxation, to soothe into remaining flexible enough for choosing the pathway of integration & expansion.

Each Personal Identity & Nervous System, is in a love affair with a World.

On the edges of our external layers, on the edges of our fingerprints, from personal to conjoined to matter, object, there is a volcanic alchemy. On the layer of the skin we breathe. This breath is a receiving, a melting, a merging. We become our environment, we become the apple on the tree, we become the tree itself as they extend into the soil of the earth, we/they become many.

Nothing about Personal Identity, stretching towards Essential Identity is trivial. 

What is shifting & deepening are the points of suspension from where we construct this architecture of relation, of seeing, of interpreting. The language of how we experience develops and thus how we commune shifts… Of who I am and what I am. Of who you are and what you are. Of what you are here right now to set into action and create.


 Seeding A Diversity Peace might not look like what we have been conditioned to think Peace is meant to look like. There is something to do with World-Accepting-Us & Self-Acceptance-Of-Us within ‘Overarching Peace’ which remains diverse. Immersive self-expression is important for diversity in peace. Difference in Personal Identity serves as a garden bed for seeding it. In this process, in order for you to be allowed to experience a moment of peace, the seed bed of your identity can be a beautiful offering, a disclosure, a warm jumper, or perhaps in some places, an opacity, or an impenetrable wall. Identity has its own agency, (paradoxically, karmically). 

Identity Templates show themselves in psychic images. Perhaps as a hallway or room which might need cleaning, a house that is being painted, clothing changes, or a protective cocoon.

This is what The Gong does best.
There is an alignment that The Sunshine Gong brings in, A wind breezing between inner and outer wombs, layers and harmonics and atonal elements of a sound, dynamics bustling entering your auric field, jostling up and washing at the most subtle of levels: quantum levels. Rustling the suspension points where we are fused, loosens and refreshes relational dynamics between external, personal, essential.

Thank you to who were present at this Gong Shower.
Thank you to our hosts for inviting me.

/// 2HR ///

“You are Alive in Cosmetic time”
- A.Waldman, ‘Trick O Death’ Trickster Feminism

Images from this Gong Shower, thanks to Bianca, Hansl, and Mintu.
Thankyou to Ray and Zilka for the invitation to offer this session.
24th - 26th November 2023. 

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