Sarah's Developing
Praxis Algorithm
for Empathic Liberation Peace-Work & A Message To Grid Workers.

Be very careful of any Peace-Work
That denies outright, the voice and truth of
The Warrior

It is only A Smoke Screen
With the Tendency to
Become a Stop-Gap for
Upholding an inflexible and unexamined
Image of Goodness
About Oneself.

Peace-Work means
Being steeped in the Mud
So much so, that we are
Prepared to foster courage
For visionary change.

Peace Work means
listening to
and speaking up for
the most oppressed in our circle culture
and the 7th Generation of sensitive creatives to come.

Peace-Work means
not bypassing anyone's needs and truth
With our avoidance and
attachments to
being “good”
“compliant", “nice”, or
“all to blame”, “unworthy”.

Peace-Work means
Shadow Work.
There is no Empathy without Shadow Work.
Our entire empathic feeling-reality is locked in Shadow.
Shadow Work, unlocks Empathy, and leads to Grid Work.

We cannot reach real grid work unless we have accessed clear empathy.
Grieved & watered the heart of the broken community.
Only Sovereign Creators have any hope of making clean work!

Foster the Courage!
Be like Water and go to the lowly places first with your most beautiful attention tendrils...


In this Age... Peace-Ideology needs to be a Shadow-Ideology.

To acheive any kind of Peace we would be imagining needing integration and integration is about Empathy, right?

There is no such thing as having real open Empathy without also making day to day self-reflective Shadow Work.

In every place we lack Empathy, [in the first round] it is because that part of our feeling-reality is locked in Shadow.

[in the second round we might *decide* where we no longer want our empathy to go, where it has previously been going unbeknown.]


Shadow Work, unlocks Empathy, and leads to Grid Work.

We cannot reach real Grid Work unless we have accessed Clear Empathy.

Clear Empathy is Intersectional - because Intersectionality provides WITNESS. Recognition. Mirror. Affirmation. Integration.
Seeing & Being Seen.

The beauty and power of the Empathic is our Witnessing Aspect - Gentle Holding Aspects.

We cannot reach real Grid Work unless we have watered the heart of the most broken apart hidden aspects of our community - the Taboos and Secret stories.

How can we be working with our Grid, *without* the aim of intersectional liberation?

Only Sovereign Creators have any hope of making clean work...


Sarah's Developing Praxis Algorithm for Peace-Work:

1. Self Reflection + Shadow Integration
2. Empathic Abilities Awaken!
3. Intra-Psychic Health - Golden Shadow Alchemy, hone in that Empathic ability, develop a healthy container! Stop loosing yourself in other people's Shadows! Boundaries! Tools! Intentional Power!
4. Grid Work = Liberation Focus - The deeper we go, the more we understand our liberation is all tied as one.



To me - Grid Work is World Soul - and about being a GREAT communicator.

We need to know our own limits in terms of what we can and will explain to others and what we cannot.

We are here to evolve our world.
To work at the edge of our growth - talents, joy and curiosity.

We are going to need to compassionately discern and separate away from the tasks that keep us in busy-work/old drama with the tasks that allow us to truly flourish.

That's where the Re-Orbit work comes in - be very aware of where our attention is at. If you are reading this message - it is time to end an aspect of an old cycle that is grabbing your attention and wasting your vital energy! Let's do it.

xox Sarah xox

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