150 x 140 cm
Acryllic, Palo Santo, Sage, Charcoal, Canvas.

Cosmogenic Breath No.1
150 x 150 cm
Acryllic, Structure/Sand, Canvas.
Blown with Palo Santo + Sage during creation.

Acryllic on Canvas.
Artwork size loose: 180cm (w) x 166cm (h)
Stretched: 160cm (w) x 150cm (h) approx.

Non Ordinary Reality

Acrylic series, on canvas, 2018 - ongoing

Random is a law that instinct knows. There is more direction in the lost unknown than in any illusionary: found finished or absolute.

Roll the dice, flip a coin, throw some paint, only then, look.

The N.O.R. series of paintings is a focus on action and process-based, intuitional image creation. Begun in 2017/8 through mindfulness scribble work, the series explodes into dense multi-layered overabundance of information, in paper and canvas.

Dreams, tarot, shamanic resonance, animal powers, gut feeling, akasha, synchronicity, circumstance, perspective, intention, attention and manifestation over an unspecified and variable amount of time - are channelled into image creation in order to express an in-expressible dimension. Paintings are in conversation with transient phenonema, seen as having symbolic or spiritual connection to a present moment.

Overpainted abstracts appear through random spontaneity - a process relying on source instinct over conscious mind or judgement. Each painting is unplanned, colours are chosen spontaneously. The entire canvas is not looked at analytically with the conscious brain until certain points, where the imagery is read for divinatory purposes.

The divinatory message itself : part personal, part collective, is considered the actual ‘finished product of the work’.

These paintings have been chosen not to be exhibited, and are part of a growing archive.

“In thinking, we use a transcendental language of overlaping archetypal imagery
- we think through symbol.”

-ref. J.HIllman, Dream and the Underworld.

Works pictured below:
Forest (below), Virtual Splice (2nd Below)
Passageway (3rd below), Untitled (4th below)

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