Untitled, from the Magic Lake. [1]
Watercolour on paper, A3, 2020.

Untitled, from the Magic Lake [2]
Watercolour on paper, A3, 2020.

Untitled, from the Magic Lake [3]
Watercolour on paper, A3, 2020.

Involution : Drawing Archives, 2020-21-22
Impressions in Watercolour
Outside of time + space.

[In artist’s private archival]


This grouping of watercolour impressions capturing flavors from Otherworlds, is an archive dedicated to transferral of power through image.

Evolution = Involution = Evolution

Abstract image created though is action; is a way to transfer empowerment to you and your spaces, without limiting meaning through language.

What we see and our relationships to images is our own message: and our own power reflected back at us.

I act only as a channel and caretaker for these images to come through.
I take care of the images as long as they are with me in the studio, until they find their rightful forever home.
I make sure the images and objects are charged with particular energy - through ceremonies in nature.

These three watercolours were made by a powerplace : A private and magic lake on a day trip with two powerful healers and myself.

We set forth under the midday sun and trekked through a forest, home to wild boar and her babies, [who we have met there], until we reached a green and silver/green glistening lake.

If these impressions are for you, you are in luck!

Orginal drops from Involtion Drawing Archive can be aquired directly through an online shop.

I do not make prints out of aura-preservation, so all content from my studio is coming out as an original, one off, only.

Contact me if you would like to purchase your own Power Images.

See the majority of these impressions on Instagram @sarahmartinus
In the highlight “On Paper”.


Product #1 : Untitled, Journey to the Magic Lake [1-3] As Triptich, Watercolour on paper, A3, 2020. 

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