Online Community


In 2024 the Patreon is talking a PAUSE. Not Currently Active.
The Discord is always running and active, for folks who have sessions.


A psycho-spirituality-based study group for Discord and Patreon:

- Clients in my praxis who want more support and resources.
- Healers who want to deepen their work with the metaphysical.
- Artists, performers, dancers, musicians, painters who want to connect at a fluid level with this kind of research.
- Sacred Entrepreneurs Awakening to deeper and deeper levels of intuition.
- All humans who want to get deep into developing their personal energy practices - especially in relation to current societal shadows.


Healing, powering up, and become a masterful creator in touch with your personal energy.

Building supportive community.

... Lets do it! 

The Patreon Tier called CRYSTAL POOL comes with the discord commune.
If you would really like to come in as a Founding Tribe Member but do not have 4.44 per month - that’s ok.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Patreon and having an energy exhange there,

Sarah M

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