: IGUANA BEGEISTERT (Bad Projections) :
Ann Dunham, Solo Action, Interactive Video Installation
Opening 29_4_16 with Blue Stork and Bubblebeth
DURATION : 29_04_16 - 10_05-16

Image courtesy of Ann Dunham

Sound / Video / Installation / Material Elements / Action / Interactive Internet-Based Elements


IGUANA BEGEISTERT ( Iguana Delighted ) appears in Aether gallery as the extended apparition of a GIF, experiential Diorama. A ‘specialist’ lives inside it’s own semi-transparent terrarium of ideas/work and is projected on (metaphorically and physically) from the outside. 

Questioning the arguably *defunct nature* of the public space in a time of over-saturation. The exhibiting space becomes the public space’s pseudo-other, experienced as a space fraught with the pale shadows of varying realities. For Ann Dunham’s IGUANA BEGEISTERT, this *programmatic mode* becomes subject.


Every facet of this experiential space is amenable: open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded, controlled, and usually existing within the reasoning of ‘travesty’: a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.

...................... “That’s not how its supposed to be seen” ...................

______________THE NOVELTY OF THE ACCIDENTAL ___________

Using a combination of immaterial and material space: the internet and virtual realities, *inhabited* spaces: installations with insertions of the human body and actions in time IGUANA BEGEISTERT pushes modes of perception. Reality is laughably and nonsensically permeable here !!!

IGUANA BEGEISTERT exists in varying formats:

////////////////////// Material incarnation (installation, projection)
////////////////////// Digital space (online, interactive)
////////////////////// Body in time (performance)

ANN DUNHAM exhibits internationally as a conceptual artist dealing with themes of post-internet, consumption, industrialisation and the philosophy of perception/reality/consiousness. His work reflects on resistances to excess, discovery, imagination, absurdity, data-corruption, in a subversive, affected/raw manner.
He uses techniques of deconstruction and fragmenting of aesthetics, data, materials and style in a response to over saturation of matter, creating virtual and material spaces where the system and ‘play space’ can be determined by user interaction, ultimately creating beauty within degradation.

Aether is very proud to be inviting Ann on the event of Gallery Weekend, with the invitation of : “go creative; do whatever you like, the space is yours”.


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