Thank you to you, the powerful co-creators who work with me for bringing this topic up today and helping me see that it is important to communicate about it.


For moon rituals, I do not always do the same thing for myself.

The Moon’s rivers run though our own veins. We are all the wild cards of her nuances.

You have your own oracle and your own book of ancestral rituals right here, and that is within your own relationship with the intimate "Moon Body".

Giving offerings, gestures, following what you enjoy, with a small reference to which kind of moon we have, [I do check in with the astrology, but am also careful not to oversaturate my mind] is where I usually begin.

I also call for power [drumming, rhythmic shakers, humming, singing, moving, breathing, stretching, relaxing] and recharge power tools and give them my attention - Power objects carry us, as equally as they are carried.

But the main point for me is - all of that power building is to

create a psychic container in order to feel the moon’s waving rhythm like a dance in the body.


The real ritual of the moon is the feeling that is occurring in your body.

Our body can be the temple.

Our actions can be the rituals.

Our words and thoughts are intentions and prayers.

And the sensation of the Moon’s energy body moving through you is the SPELL in transformation.

Slow down and tune into the specific messages from your body. What is there?

What would it mean to not escape, but to embrace?

The shamanic, also alchemical, jungian, taoist and tantric ways; would be to turn fully towards a situation, embracing it with open chakras in oder to engulf and eventually dissolve it through the psychic flesh.

All of us in the west have been trained to be "day worshipers". But the Moon is the Queen of the Night.

The Moon-Body moves and shifts like waves at midnight in the middle of the deep ocean.

This body is sensitive and so fluid. Tuning in means blissing out the mind and instead dropping into sensation.

What if we relaxed into what she is bringing? Welcome her in, even if she seems damaged and dirty.

If she has been previously excluded from our experiences, if she had lived a bold life on the outskirts of consciousness, she might seem unruly or a bit of a mess at first.

But if she has enough space to be respected within you, she will begin to shine - reflecting back, endlessly all the love you showered upon her.

Just like in real life, how one would go about treating a great complex-feminine queen? This is how the sensations of the body are asking to be treated. With curiosity, sensitivity, and respect for what they are.

The Moon’s impact onto our flesh is offering all of us to recapture highly personal rituals of deeper care and alignment.

Allow your emotions to be free. 
If it hurts, hold it.
If there’s pressure, allow it.

Get into water, wash your heart, wash your emotions.



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