& VAk : Primal Sound.

With Micheal Meade

These are notes taken from the video.

When the ancient feminine is missing we loose things like Grace and Gratitude as an easily accessible state.

These states of being cannot be forced.

We cannot lie or pretend to ourselves we are reaching them.

What stops us from reaching these spaces is fragmentation.

When we speak about Abundance - we mean to speak on Inner Abundance.

It is the Emotional, Spiritual, Soul-full Abundance that we shouldn't deny ourselves.

Even if, we are feeling the pain of the lack of Abundance in the state of the Earth.


Suffering is to carry and to “bear”. To bear inner conflicts - Traumas.

We must begin to integrate or accept the torn-apart, conflicted things.


In this Era, the entire world is in polarisation.

This is not a final state, it’s actually a creative state.

The conflict in opposition is intended to be a creative tension.


Chaos is the place where creation comes.


Chaos comes first.


We are supposed to have traumatic and tragic experiences.

The gaps that are created by Loss are the places to be filled by Grace.




When we need GRACE we call The Mother.

Gaia is the Ultimate Mother.

Part of The Lost Feminine.


The Lost Feminine, in our current consciousness, is huge. It is deeply impactful on our consciousness and the amount of pain and suffering we awake to in this era is part of the expression of this impact.

We are in the Birth Canal of the New Feminine Earth.


If we look at Ancient Archetypal imagination, in Greek Mythology;

Gaia (root: meaning Earth) was known as the All-Mother.

The Source of all creation.

The Womb of Abundance that is ever living onwards. From here came grace.


If we look at Ancient India; we have VAk:

The feminine energy of life. The expression of creation itself.

The living speech of all things.

The Primal Energy and the Sound of Creation.


Vak is a Resonance.

Back in the beginning was The Sound.

Vak represents that reverberation from the primal source of creation that is continuing to resonate through the world.

The living speech of all things.


Ancient Australians say “Yoro Yoro" -

Everything vibrating in it’s own way.

Everything speaking to you.

We are each a part of this ancient sound of VAk.


The songs are a consciousness - tuning in to the resonance that is creation itself, continued from original of time until now.

Mantras, Chants, are all a form of prayer. It is in the act of doing it, we re-tune ourselves.

Re-Tune ourselves to the Heart.

The Heart to the Body

The Body to the Soul.


Whenever we mingle the natural energies of our bodies, with the spiritual dimensions of our Souls, we blend our Earthliness with our heavenly longings, and then we can reconnect to our origins of life.

We awaken the divine sense of Grace and Gratitude within us.




Earth Medicine is about being supported by what is already here. All we need to do is Open The Door.

Our work here is to create the Sanctuary - Above and Below.

We pull the energy of The Divine down from the Galaxy.

Into a Container.

Bringing Grace down.

Spirit wont come down unless you sing.

We pull Grace down with song.


xoxox SARAH xoxox

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