This image was taken by Eva Zorbazanett and is part of the work of Francis Sosta.
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Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang by Francis Sosta - TRAILER from Federica Flux on Vimeo.

Francis Sosta’s ‘Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang’ - Empowerment and Meta-Cleaning 
[A] Live Art A/V Performance Durational Happening
Holding and filtering of sound channel for Audio Visual Live with Core Shamanic techniques

17/07/21 / Collegium Hungaricum Berlin / Berlin GE

"‘Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang’ is an experimental durational performance that brought together 11 performers, artists, practitioners, magicians, energy workers, light warriors. A matriarchal 'down-to-earth' revolution of some sort, and the first chapter of an ongoing research into horizontal, non-hierarchal form of creative/ energetical collaboration.

In a moment of hyper-individualism and constant adaptation and floating, this performance was a celebration of 8 months of work, the encounters and crossroads we walk through individually and collectively, the emotional and spiritual rollercoasters, of collaboration as living force that keeps us alive."

“A ritual, a celebration of passage, an attunement to the cosmic forces, a mapping of the mysterious ways the unknown has reached us to be embraced instead of being resisted. The space will be sonically, cosmically and energetically weaved.”

Francis Sosta [Italy] is a Berlin based visual artist, performer and curator. She holds a BA in Art History, and an MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts [UdK - Berlin]. She has been dedicated to research and practice based work within international independent art education programs. Francis investigates reality as a relation between space, time and awareness. In her practice, she deliberately creates disrupted storytelling, using performance art, text and sound to address perception, both as a medium and a concept. Her process based methodology puts her work at the intersection of research and practice, constantly developing a display, a method and forms of output.

Project Credits:
‘Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang’ is : @francis_sosta, @vendredis.flow, @patry_mska, @_saralulu_ , @autumn_aum , @danielalaluz @bodyfoolness , @ppsa_berlin , Linda Pappagallo, @matte_de and there’s me in there too, with the tree who accompanied this work 🌿.

‘Ein Prä-apokalyptischer Spaziergang’ was presented by Federica along with the #soundstudiesandsonicarts Master Show at @collegium_hungaricum_berlin

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