There is an understanding that within pain and suffering, lies also opportunity. An opportunity of being able to identify and realise, by listening to the pain, one’s full potential or Soul’s purpose.

I am currently a Psychotherapeutic Naturopath-in-training (Heilpraktiker Für Psychologie) and a co-re shamanic practitioner-in-training, since 2015. This has been guided along a framework of Jungian psychoanalytic theory, and connects within dreamwork, art therapy, archetypal psychology and core shamanic healing methods.

In the near future I will begin to offer counselling for spiritual strength. More to come on this page.

Please contact for more information or an early praxis session, on

Sliding scale rates do apply.

I work with :
- Fear, Anxiety and Panic
- Melancholia, Depression
- Co dependancies / Enmeshed relationships
- Guilt, Family relationships
- Puposelessness, existential pain, loss of spirit

Education, Experience:

Heilpraktiker Für Psychologie / Psychotherapuetic Naturpath, training and prepartation course, Christoph Mahr Institute, Berlin, 2018 (currently in training to take the certification exam in March, 2019.)

Foundation for Shamanic studies, Seminars and Praxis days, Basic, Divination, Dreamwork, 2015 - ongoing.  (currently in training.)

Dream work, ritual work, drum sessions, painting art-therapy, tarot practise, cosmic archetype (astology), authenticity 2015 - on going. (in-training)

Dreamwork sessions, TRIQ, Queer Healing, Berlin, Feburary 2017

Mentor, Support + Creative Social Work, TSS, Melbourne, 2011