HELLO 2023 -

Happy 2023 first change of Season!

Ritual is calling us, from The Big Gates to The Spirit World(s).

Getting into Ancestral-Systems-Healing & Re-Orbit Praxis.

Session Work is now operating under the title:

* "Ritual Ancestral Integration & Earth Medicine” *


We heal our Hearts because The Heart is The Ultimate Effortless Creator.

The first step is knowing we are worthy. Courageous enough to know we are here for more than getting stuck on loop.

We Open the Inner Doorway to access a Creativity that not only responds to the Neurotic / The Problem & Our Contradictions - but becomes bigger than - and allows binary within us to be transformed into peaceful mystery.

Holiness makes other things totally obsolete. When it becomes no longer purposeful for certain topics to be jailing our Loci of Attention, they no longer snag us on the personal level and we can watch them pass by, rather than become looped in "crisis-management".

Heart is Healthy-Ego. Heart is Centre. Heart is Core. Roots. Joy.
You Free to Resonate.


Our True Nature is deeper than Identity. But identity holds keys to Birthright Power. That's your Sovereign Path.

Only you can birth that one.

Through Non-Hierarchical Systems, by rebalancing the POWER-OVER in our Relational cords - [Patriarchal overshadow of the Feminine Soul Principle] - we can Recognise Our Identities as themselves Tools of rebalance & recognition for our whole Ancestral line.


All of you is welcome here.

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