Lets talk about the cultivation of expansive psychic space and the role of doubt there.

This is deeper level stuff:

Do we believe we have the right to our own opinions?
Yes, of course. We have agency, rights, voices.

But... in the psychic realms, the realms of ONE… Where everything is relational and where the intra-psychic function means that we are alive in the subconscious of the other…

If we believe we have the right to our own opinions based on fixed ideas of an objective truth, do we then believe we have the right to doubt others? Hmm.

What about when we get into self-doubt towards ourselves, what’s going on there?



Our doubts, especially the ones which we are not owning within ourselves, can be projected unawares onto others. Yes, ok.

We project onto others a doubt of their natural pathway.

Maybe instead of seeing the early stages of their courage being generated, maybe instead of understanding the longer pathways of life, we make a judgement in the moment.

Or project so much doubt onto them that there is a part of us that assumes them to be a lost cause?

If we do this to others, we chop off their connections to higher-being-bodies.

Within self-doubt we are also putting great amounts of stress into our own connections to our higher-being-bodies. 

In the intra-psychic realms, this does have the potential to halt growth. The level of mistrust that we have is often at a level of psychic-attack.

A dry, overly rationalised doubting gaze becomes a projector of heaviness which dulls the sensorial.



Doubt and self doubt is a natural aspect of discernment and shows up when we are dissecting the world into binary. **We do need to be able to do that to function, at all.** [Dissecting binaries is neither good nor bad. It just is...]

But when it’s in overload: It’s an indicator that we are in a resonance space fuelled by a dehydrated matrix.

Doubt itself - is not really a blockade - it’s a window towards a new process. Even if uncomfortable.

For doubt to show up and be acknowledged within us is a great achievement in self-reflection.

Meeting doubt and self-doubt is the process of generating greater TRUST for ourselves and others.
Look into doubt.

Hold it.

What’s there for you?

Who and what are we doubting?

Which stage of the process are we at with our doubts?

ie: Does the level of doubt mean that we are making perhaps faster opinions?

Or, does it mean we are holding off on making opinions?
What is on each side of the opinion?

What are the polarities?



Personal psychic preferences, are what brings the un-manifested into the manifested.

The positive aspect of healthy ego is that it is a container of creative manifestation and discernment.

Creativity is connected with the ego’s role in fulfilling the incredible call of our Daimon, - guiding spirit - channelled through eros.

To have our vitality we need ego, we need our opinions and we need preferences...

Doubt as inner destruction is in relationship with cycles of creation. Doubt is related with the push pull of creativity. As an opposite, it is needed!

The extra levels of doubt though... What do we need them for? 

When doubt is parading as personal preference is where we hit into the extra unconscious destruction.

A conscious creator is ideally aware of exactly where and how much their own doubt is needed to acheive propulsion for creativity in ballance... 


In deeper psychic-space, outside of the cycle of creativity and destruction, in the “open abstact feild” a fixed opinion will most commonly exclude it’s opposite and push the opposite into shadow-state.

A fixed opinion in that realm could be said to be a psychic dissection.

Psychic dissection, as denial of the whole… Is only part of the story.

Within deep embodied knowing [stretching towards experiencial wisdom] - the opposite is included.

This is how the most simple things can be the most profound.

Most of the opinions passing through us are showing us about our resistance to the unknown and wholeness. They show us how we clutch onto personified belief or old identities - rather than our visionary integration and acceptance of the real present moment and true knowing.



Becoming a cultivator of abundant psychic space means we need to find a pathway of welcoming 'knowing the unknown’.

We find daily practices to welcome TRUST.

It’s not really about trusting the other, or trusting ourselves, it’s about trusting greater cycles. And trusting that it’s ok not to know anything really, at all.


We exist in conscious worlds which have long been in psychic-drought.

This is why the first drops of rain from The Rainmaker within can seemingly shatter what we think is our world and what we think are our opinions.

The Rainmaker brings a realm of water into what was previously a desert.

Through holding an inner, co-emergent wellspring - greeting doubt as future trust, we can become a cultivator of abundant psychic space.



There is no sense to beat ourselves up, when we become aware of doubt or self-doubt. Only, awaken!

Where there is an awareness of a doubt, it means we can work with it.

We can say “I am doubting”.

This shows us exactly where we have TRUST to gain.

How we go about generating trust is a whole other topic:

Communication of ‘needs’ is one way.

Or opening up towards receiving more inner information from dreaming worlds might be another.

If we are conscious about it - the energy localities where we are generating trust for ourselves and others is a new ground swell of psychic abundance, where there was psychic depletion, previously.

Through ritual alchemy:

“to water” all the doubt, would soften doubt through receptivity into trust.

Through ritual alchemy: 

“to set alight” all the doubt. Would mean to pull it into an inner fire, generating new power as blazing courage.

If both can be done as an embodied movement, even better…


It is a choice of perspective to see the catalyst instead of the blockade.

The capacity is within in our eyes: empower or disempower. Grow gardens or mine the earth.


When we begin to let the catalyst work its magic, trust will flow, courage will flow, in a mutually beneficial arrangement for forward motion.


We are sensed, we don’t sense.

We are being meditated, we are not meditating.

We are being played by forces greater than we can imagine.


Keep surrounded by those who empower you.
The more we cultivate abundant psychic space all around us, the more you we receive.

To your ALIVENESS+++


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